The Order of the Stick: Utterly Dwarfed
The Order of the Stick: Utterly Dwarfed - Coming in December and available for pre-order now
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    Default 5E D&D Sci-Fi Archetype Contest I

    Welcome to the first of many D&D Sci-Fi Archetype contests. Here you can pitch your own insane Science Fantasy themed Archetype and see it judged by the searing eyes of your pears! What will you win? Winners will be featured in the Free Sci-Fi D&D Supplement I am working on.

    What are the Judging Criteria
    Everyone who participates will get a vote (No you can not vote for yourself) so I cant say how everyone will be voting, but I hope that everyone will try their best to create a balance ready to play and all around fun archetype ready for anyone to pick up and start blasting away with.

    Sci-Fi Supplement Thread:
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