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    Default Misposted thread/ my apologies/please delete

    Misposted thread/ my apologies/please delete
    Last edited by ideasmith; 2016-01-25 at 07:11 PM. Reason: Misposted thread/ my apologies/please delete
    Quote Originally Posted by Newtkeeper View Post
    Dude, we're geeks. Overanalysis is our job.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tingel View Post
    You are funny, ideasmith.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vadskye View Post
    I really like the way the Awareness school came about. I created a Detection subschool, which you reinterpreted into a conceptually distinct Awareness subschool. Then I misinterpreted what you meant and created yet another conceptually (slightly) distinct Awareness subschool. Teamwork!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ksheep View Post
    You didn't need to rebalance the classes, they were unbalanced enough as it was
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