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    Default [THBS] The Heroes of Bone and Stone

    It is 10,000 BC in the Fertile Crescent, and a tribe begins to slumber in the coming eve of the plains. They speak their condolences and good-wills, and set up to visit the Dreamlands, where they may commune freely with the spirits of otherside. All was good, and all was quiet. Then, out of the sky sun-setting, a star streaks across, and strikes the earth, sending parts flying off in an arc. The nearby thoom awakens the poor primitives, and the stumble from their huts, alert and on edge.

    Then came, from the horizon, a man, with hair ablaze. He walks calmly, and steadily, towards startled people, intent on his unknown purpose, and stomping forward proudly, no fear whatsoever in his feet. He drags alongside him, a massive beast. Yes, massive indeed. It was a dinosaur, no, the King of Dinosaurs! Burnt and smoking, it was a sight to behold. There it is, the Predator King, limp and dead, and medium rare at that.

    As the man came closer, he was indeed magnificent, and giant. He stood tall, twice the tallest man in the village, to be exact. His massive, powerful body was toned like that of bronze, and clothed with none other than the skin of dinosaurs, and lions. What was most special of him, however, was his hair and eyes. His mane of a beard and hair was lit aflame, but it never grew ashen, or smoked. It burned the many shades of the flame, changing shade in a hypnotic show, and his eyes, were like the sun itself.

    "Greetings, little folk! I am Ra, the Son of the Sun Above! I come here, bearing a gift of a feast, and to tell you great news. I have decided to choose you to be my people, or better yet, my children. I adopt you, and I shall guide you to glory. The age of Heroes has come, young ones! Rejoice!, for great times, come forward, beyond the horizon!"

    And thus, the Ra-Man people were born

    Spoiler: Ra

    Ra is a Sun Giant, a wielder of Solar Flame, Light, and Brute Force. He desires to guide and raise the Tribe as his own, and to not only place himself as head chief, but also as Guardian and Father. He is strengthened in the presence of the sun, is slightly weakened by the Night and the Cold, and is enraged when in the presence of the Solar Eclipse, which causes Ra to become a nightmarish monster of Black Flame.

    Spoiler: The Heroes: The Players
    In the dawn of civilization, supernatural Heroes have chosen to reveal themselves to The Tribe of Man, for purposes unique to each one. If you wish to be a hero, you must reveal yourself in a spectacular fashion, with what you are, your general abilities, purposes, strengths and weaknesses listed below.

    Spoiler: The Tribe of Man: The Spectators
    The Tribe of Man is a mega-tribe, composed of tens of thousands of men, women, and children. The Tribe reacts to what the Heroes do, either positively or negatively, and are those who give the Heroes purpose, someone to influence and protect. The Tribe does as it wishes, within Human ability, and they are ultimately the glorification, or ruin, of any Hero.
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