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    Default Re: Dragon Ball In the Playground OOC IV: Planetary Annihilation for Fun and Profit

    Quote Originally Posted by Emperor Ing View Post
    Hailing's Royal Guard, including Captain Asalute, and what ever reinforcements come in through the teleporter. Though in the interest of making it not just a big curb-stomp battle as large numbers of the ELF are past 1 mil in PL, i'm gonna give a power boost to Captain Asalute, who was previously stated at 350k. Needless to say, he found a use for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber beyond just aging liquor.
    Knew Max should have just rushed in there and blocked the door from the other side...oh well. I suppose it not being a curb stomp is fair :P

    With Tigra and her Celestial Guard, it sounds like we're going to have some fairly epic struggles erupting in the background of the more major fights going on. Which is good, because it means Max doesn't have to multiform to take on an army.

    Also, Frozen Feet: Would King Kai have been up for training Fenrir on his planet during the time skip? I left it somewhat vague on the timeskip post I made, and am willing to change it to Max 'kidnapping' Fenrir off to a random planet for training if King Kai wouldn't be up for that. I kind of operated on the assumption that he doesn't mind company, and that Fenrir wouldn't be terrible company. Also, it would have given Max a chance to properly go over the Instant Transmission with King Kai, and how the technique was taught to him, and why his involves a lot of physics knowledge instead of 'just turn yourself into energy and move faster than fast to reach the location, then revert back to physical'. You know...because that's totally a safe way to get around. Max's is more 'wrap yourself in your energy, tune it to the right frequency to unravel fourth dimensional space nearby yourself and at the target location, proceed through unraveled fourth dimensional space to target location.' Which is rather less likely to splinch yourself or accidentally scatter your energy form across the entire universe.

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    Default Re: Dragon Ball In the Playground OOC IV: Planetary Annihilation for Fun and Profit

    Speaking of which, what about Fenrir's army? I presume it's separate from Tigra's Celestial Guard, with the latter being a dedicated army in defense of the kami and kais and the former being more dedicated to the defense of mankind in general, right? So we've got Luxana as the leader, than below her the elites (Tigra, Fenrir, Puffy, Fuzzy, Yankar, Max, Yankar, the Juggernaut, and those two guys from the tournament), then the Celestial Guard, then Fenrir's army?

    Also, what about the Red Planet Army? Should we call in their ships to aid in the battle for Earth?
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