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    Default Windows 10 headaches

    I'm not particularly thrilled with whatever major update Microsoft pushed this week. (Build 14393? Anyway, not only did it decide to run just before class, taking two hours and preventing me from taking notes through two lectures, but it finally loads and Classic Shell is disabled and it's telling me a few other programs also aren't compatible anymore.) So I rolled back to the previous version I had (v1511 build 10586.589, which seems to be KB3185614 released on September 13).

    Now I'm motivated enough to get around to trying out some of the other third-party programs I've heard about to rein in Windows 10. At the moment I mainly want to disable updates for a while. Classic Shell 4.3.0 is supposed to be compatible with this update but I have four consecutive weeks of exams at the moment so I don't want to deal with anything right now. I'll wait until winter break to update everything.

    So, has anybody used "ShutUp10" or "DoNotSpy10"? Are they reliable? Are there any other programs anybody uses?
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    Default Re: Windows 10 headaches

    I was away for the weekend, and had been pushing back the update (as much as is possible) for a week or two, because it hangs somewhere in installation (of course it can't tell me where, I'm just a dumb user), Cheery little spinning circle, doesn't mean anything, there is no way an update takes 18+ hours to complete. I have to smother the machine twice to return to a working computer. I don't know how to repair or delete and re-download an update on windows 10, and I didn't really care to go through the work of finding out how.
    I was visiting my parents over the weekend and sometime during that time THE COMPUTER TURNED ITSELF ON TO UPDATE! I returned to find it hanging like always.

    With windows 7, I had a computer. Now I keep someone else's computer in my house, because sometimes they let me use it.
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    Default Re: Windows 10 headaches

    This, right here, is why I avoided the Windows 10 "upgrade". The idea of not being able to control my own update cycle - was not something I was prepared to put up with.

    But this article suggests it is possible. I can't vouch for it, but it looks painless enough to be worth a try.
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