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    Default Re: Hot Mech-on-Mech Action: A Campaign Journal

    However slowly! >.>

    The sessions from these last two updates happened in October 2017. The rate at which we've been playing has been slow but not so slow that I'm not insanely behind.

    After this, roughly, they retry this mission, then there's another mission, and then they go to Skye City and end up spending the rest of the arc there.

    Yes, we're still playing. There's a session on Sunday. Everyone is very excited to get the heck out of Skye, finally. At a guess, there are 10-15 updates worth of content to do before I'm actually caught up.

    On the bright side, a lot of that is stuff I have chatlogs for, and converting those is way faster than reconstructing stuff from basically scratch.

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    Hot Mech-on-Mech Action: A Campaign Journal

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    Default Re: Hot Mech-on-Mech Action: A Campaign Journal

    Always glad to see more of this campaign.

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