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*Sure Lyta was never best friends with anyone...except maybe somewhat with Doc Franklin. Still she was a Main Character on the show for years....so you think they could have mentioned her.

While we won't have specifics, it''s a safe bet she was not popular during the telepath war. We have to remember that there's a lot more time passed then we've seen, and things (especially relationships) may have changed substantially. A few we may know about. Most we won't.

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*Same way they could have mentioned Sinclair.
JMS actually mentioned that one. Michael O'Hare was doing extremely poorly at that time, and Babylon 5 was a major stress trigger for him at times. They decided to not even mention the character so no one would go up to him and mention that he was being referenced. It apparently backfired, because people went up to him and commented that he WASN'T referenced. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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*So sitting outside B5 in 2282 is the Talos, an omega class Earth destroyer...with a rotating section to produce gravity. But Earth has had artificial gravity for like 20 years now...so they would have retrofitted the whole fleet right? And 20 years is a lot of years for a warship...but maybe it's been decommissioned to be a transport or something...
Depending on the process to install it, it might not be cost effective.

The US fleet has 460 active ships. Not counting U.S.S. Constitution and U.S.S. Pueblo (still active but captured by N. Korea), 147 of them (32%) are 20 years old or older. 34 of them (7%) are 30 years old or older. So not that unheard of.