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Thread: Constrain Spell

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    Default Constrain Spell

    This metamagic feats allow for greater control of a spell's area of effect.

    Constrain Spell [Metamagic]

    You can alter a spell with a cylindrical, spherical, or conical area of effect to have a narrower area. A cylindrical area constrains to a spherical area, a spherical area constrains to a conical area, and a conical area constrains to a linear area. In the event of a spell such as Fireball that has an area of effect centered on a spot of the caster's choice, the caster also gets to choose which direction the spell travels in. A constrained spell takes up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level.

    Constrain Spell can be applied to the same spell more than once. A doubly constrained spell takes up a spell slot two levels higher than the spell's level, and so on.
    A Constrained Fireball (Fourth Level) has a 20 foot cone area of effect. The caster selects the center point of the fireball as normal and gets to select the direction in which this cone faces.

    A Doubly Constrained Fireball (Fifth level) has a 20 foot line area of effect. As above, the caster selects the point within the spell's range where this line starts, and in what direction.

    A Constrained Cone of Cold (Sixth level) has a line-shaped burst area of effect. Cone of Cold always starts from the caster's hand, which is not at all impacted by this feat.

    I've also written a Yield Spell (which expands an area of effect), but I wanted to see the response to this feat first. I have not played a spellcaster, so I don't know if this is insanely overpowered or completely useless. Oh well.
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    Default Re: Constrain Spell

    I kind of fail to see the point of this, and am not sure why a feat that makes a spell weaker would require it to take up a higher level slot. Isn't sculpt spell simply a superior feat?

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    Default Re: Constrain Spell

    I'm with Kurald Galain; I'm just not seeing how this actually benefits the caster in any concrete way. While I was reading this, I was waiting for the punchline.

    "Is it gonna let the caster penetrate spell resistance? Or deny saving throws? Or increase damage to the affected targets? Or anything tengibly cool?"

    Needless to say, the punchline never came. Bad joke.
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    Default Re: Constrain Spell

    The idea is to be able to hit enemies without hitting allies I think. Sculpt spell is superior probably. Maybe make this a +0 spell level option...
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    Default Re: Constrain Spell

    Sculpt spell is this, except better. It's that simple. +0 sounds right, but even then, it's near useless.

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