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    Post [Barbarian Primal Path] Path of the Emissary a Barbarian subclass

    Link to PDF.

    Spoiler: Raw Text
    ## Barbarian

    ### Path of the Emissary
    Barbarians who follow the Path of the Emissary pledge to travel far and wide to serve as envoys or messengers for their tribes. They take effort to master the intrigues of noble courts and the whispers of dark rumors... and to be ready for betrayal at any time.

    ##### Path of the Emissary Features
    | Barbarian Level | Feature |
    | 3rd | Speak Softly, Carry a Big Stick |
    | 6th | Might Makes Right |
    | 10th | Truth to Power |
    | 14th | The Thicker the Hay |

    #### Speak Softly
    As you enter this path at 3rd level, you become able to address others with imposing bearing. Choose one of the following skills and gain proficiency in that skill: Insight, Intimidation, or Persuasion. Alternatively, you may learn a bonus language of your choice.

    #### Carry a Big Stick
    At 3rd level, you learn how to use unassuming weaponry to exploit your enemy's defenses. When you score a critical hit with a melee simple weapon using Strength, you can roll one additional weapon damage die when determining the extra damage, and you can make a additional melee attack with that weapon as a bonus action.

    #### Might Makes Right
    At 6th level, you are emboldened by your passion and ferocity. When making an Intimidate or Persuasion check to persuade or gain favor from an authority or a crowd, you add your rage damage bonus to that check, even if you are not raging.

    Additionally, you add your proficiency bonus to Charisma saving throws.

    #### Truth to Power
    By 10th level, you've developed a brutal pragmatism that allows you to see past facades and pleasantries. You gain advantage on Insight checks and on saving throws against illusions.

    Additionally, you learn a bonus language of your choice.

    #### The Thicker the Hay
    Starting at 14th level, your determination bolsters your endurance even in the face of unsurmountable odds. You gain the following benefits:
    * While raging, if you have no more than half of your total hit points left, you gain resistance against all types of damage and your Reckless Attack feature no longer grants advantage on attacks made against you.
    * It takes twice the amount of time before you suffer the effects of starvation, thirst or lack of sleep.

    Looking for feedback on this Barbarian subclass. I think it's well-rounded. It's supposed to be a Barbarian subclass for urban campaigns, but also adaptable for any type of adventure.

    Any feedback appreciated.
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    Default Re: [Barbarian Primal Path] Path of the Emissary a Barbarian subclass

    Hello! Interesting concept and work.

    I'll first admit confusion about the theme. A barbarian could be a diplomat, but it seems an odd path. Perhaps you could hit home the idea that persuasion/intimidation is another path to raw power.

    I would remove Insight from the list of possible proficiencies. And, I would give expertise in the chosen skill (I mean, it's supposed to be your thing). Also, expertise would help the fact that you likely don't have good charisma.

    For another 3rd level feature, I think that some intimidation combat feature would be cool, to showcase your charismatic might. As is, it's just another physical power feature that could fit in any subclass.

    I really really like might makes right. It's flavorful and specific. But proficiency in charisma saving throws doesn't really fit as is - you could add a sentence about how you have a greater force of personality than most.

    As for truth to power, I like seeing through illusions. But giving advantage for all Insight checks seems to 1) discourage characters from looking for other means of advantage, and 2) make you oddly insightful, in situations that don't involve deception. Perhaps this would work better if it was only to determine lies or was a zone of truth-like effect. Oh, and the language is really out of place.

    Again, thicker the hay seems like it could fit into any barbarian path. It's not really tailored to the concept.

    I hope is wasn't too critical - I really would enjoy this concept. I imagine a barbarian sent as emissary to the sivilized villages, to give threats and accept their surrender.

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    Default Re: [Barbarian Primal Path] Path of the Emissary a Barbarian subclass

    Thanks for the feedback!

    By the way, newest version is here along with some other subclasses.

    I avoided the expertise/combat Intimidate angle because the UA on feats has provided options for that. I didn't want to cannibalize it.

    I like the extra juice for hitting with simple weapons makes it so you can go around with ceremonial weaponry more often.

    I did narrow down the scope of the Insight advantage to only detect deceit.

    The Thicker the Hay is based on the landmark "barbarian emissary" moment in history. I added some more text to explain it.

    You can never be too critical as long as you justify your reasoning.

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    Default Re: [Barbarian Primal Path] Path of the Emissary a Barbarian subclass

    Changed the capstone to something simpler. Wondering if I should add more combat utility in there...

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