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    Default Re: Fate/Grand Order - Are you my Master?

    ...My computer ate a whole little post about the ways Quick is going to cease being very useful soon because I want to spread awareness on Quick plight (considering my favorite team to use right now is a Quick team) to hopefully encourage a change or servant to support Quick.

    ...So just imagine that here as I encourage you all to spread word about how Quick is becoming the second-class citizen of the three card types and just trust there is evidence to back it up. XD
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    Default Re: Fate/Grand Order - Are you my Master?

    So they have skille that use NP, and skills that can only be used with enough NP. I don't see why they couldn't do that with crit stars, especially on a quick oriented support caster. And they are always looking for new unique servants to get your cash satisfy thier loyal fans.

    Edit: also since I will be spending something like 400 quartz on the beach I just realized that since I am fairly satisfied with my lineup ATM I should save up a stockpile of xp cards for whatever I get.
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    Default Re: Fate/Grand Order - Are you my Master?

    *blows command seals on Mordred again*

    Mordred remains a cheating cheater who cheats. I almost had them without using any seals, it was my own fault really, for not using Mash to make Herc invulnerable, I was just kind of resigned to failure because again, cheating cheater who cheats.
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    Default Re: Fate/Grand Order - Are you my Master?

    Somehow my post didn't go up like 4 hours ago.

    New thread is up.
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