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    "Yes. We take cottage, and recon," Zsofiya says. She nods at Laura's question. "Tear gas." She pats the three tear gas grenades. "High explosive." She pats the other two grenades and lifts her pack. "Trained in engineering. Demolition. Boom."

    She looks at the others. ""What is your training? You are medic? You... dog trainer?"

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    Laura exhales when she hears tear gas rather than nerve gas. "Yes ma'am. Combat medicine, US Army." There's a sense of pride to her words. With all in agreement, she starts slowly moving towards the cottage, keeping a low profile.

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    Deacon laughs he hears the question about being a dog trainer. "No, I started out in the Infantry, did a stint in the Military Police. That's where I picked up my sidekick here. I was then selected for Ranger school. After that I went to OCS, and then back to the Rangers."

    Since they were sharing stories, Deacon asked the logical question. "What's your story?"

    As he listens, Deacon moves forward to check out the window to the cottage.

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