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    "Dibs on the sauna if we can get it working."

    Deacon jokingly says to lighten the mood.Not seeing much in the room, Deacon steps out to check on King. Seeing that tge dog had laid down by the fireplace he turned his attention back to the rooms. Looking at Laura he says "one more room then we can search upstairs. I'll go in first this time."

    Deacon then leads the way, carefully opening the door, and going in the second room.

    Spoiler: skill roll


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    Laura exhaled slowly after the mirror. She had kept her cold. In the bathroom she examined the names of the book and the deodorant quickly. Where were they? She would have guessed Russia by the author, but it wasn't Cyrillic letters. She showed them quickly to Decaon, to see if he could make more sense of it.

    "Yes, sir." Laura responds without seeming to catch the jovial nature of the joke, and follows his lead.

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    Day 1 A.C. (after crash)
    Forest Cabin
    Before noon?

    The names on the detergent and book weren't helpful at all. The book title sounded vaguely slavic, but it was not Russian.

    They moved quickly into the other room - a kitchen. It was also empty - a back door that lead outside was closed, as was the fridge. Deac quickly rummaged through the fridge and cupboards, finding a lot of mostly spoiled food.

    Cupboards were also half-empty - there were some boxes, cups and dishes, as well as microwave oven and gas stove with oven.

    Into the silence, broken only by the crackling of the fireplace, sounded Zsofyia's voice.

    "We've got incoming! Movement outside!"

    Zsofyia stood by one of the windows, looking outside.
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    Deacon moves quickly to Zsofyia's position by the window. "Report. ..How many did you see? Could you tell uf they were civilian or possibly hostile?"

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