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Well if you aren't really close already you probably aren't going to hit that on 1800-2000 calories on a cut. I mean it's possible but not very likely. You would probably have to periodize somewhat to get that sort of thing. Also for martial arts stuff that's probably some wasted effort on your part. Since most of that is probably more than what you need for most martial arts stuff and getting to some of that is going to require effort and training that is counterproductive for martial arts stuff. I mean if lifting is your goal those are very good beginner steps, but if martial arts is your goal, you may be overreaching depending on your natural lifting talent and what-not.

Well weight can be a good or bad metric, depending on your goals, if you're aiming to compete in your martial art of choice then you need to start looking at how competitive particular weight classes are and how tall you have to be in those classes to be successful. Also most fighters are very cut, so like if 185 would be where you'd be at to be a good looking dude, and you were a fighter you'd probably weigh in at 160 (at most).

So pretty much everything here is goal dependent. I would say though that trying to lift heavy at a deficit like that is going to not give good results from the lifting and what-not. I mean you could maintain what you already have, maybe gain a little bit from CNS adaptation and improved form work, but there's no miracles there really.
I said martial arts as a catch all. I plan on getting into krav-maga, mma, and defendu. In that order. I've had a rough life, and coupled with my natural paranoia I want to be in peak physical shape so that if the **** hits the fan I can protect myself and loved ones.

That being said, I'll keep everything you've said in mind if/when I run into the problems you're predicting.