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    Default computer malware or unsafe website?

    This is using Firefox.
    There's a webcomic I visit somewhat regularly. When I check it at my home computer, I (at least sometimes, but it happened the last two times I went there) get redirected to some site trying to trick me into installing an 'update' for my computer. Xing out of the webpage and choosing not to download anything seems to prevent any harm, but it makes me nervous. Is there likely malware on my computer causing the redirect, or is it probably some glitch on that website?

    I've visited that website at work without any issue. (It's a clean and fairly popular webcomic, but I'd rather not mention the name since I'm asking if it's its fault (or the fault of some ad sometimes running on it) that I'm getting a redirect.)

    I have Spybot installed, and a scan has revealed nothing amiss. I want to try Malwarebytes, but it seems it has changed since I last had it installed. Is there still a free version to download and install? If yes, can someone give me the link to that webpage?

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    Default Re: computer malware or unsafe website?

    it's possible that there might be ads on the site that have these kinds of malicious functions. Especially if it cycles through different ads.
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    Default Re: computer malware or unsafe website?

    What webcomic/website?

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    Default Re: computer malware or unsafe website?

    in my experience it's usually the result of malicious ads. most ads are run through a bunch of automated processes and it's quite possible for some bad ones to sneak in without someone noticing. informing the site they have a problem with the ads (and then they'll talk to the adserver) should work.

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    Default Re: computer malware or unsafe website?

    That's why there are two types of people in the world, people who run adblock and people with malware.

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