I got home this morning to discover my lap top refusing to load internet pages. (It would get 10 - 15% of the way there and just kind of stop.) I called tech support thinking this was related to an ongoing Wifi Card problem, and the computer trying to prioritize Wifi over the Lan Line Eithernet Cable I hooked up to it till I can replace my Wifi Card.

Long boring tech support call story later, we've deduced by process of elimination that my VPN client appears to be what's causing the problem. Turning it off seems to solve the problem, turning it on kicks the problem back into gear.

Problem now is that I'm paying for this VPN. and I want it running and doing it's job, but I also want to actually be able to run my internet browser and get things done!

Here is the page for the VPN in question.


I run it on a MacBook Pro using the latest Mac OS, High Sierra.

Does anyone know how to fix this? (I have sent messages to the company, they have not responded yet.)