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    Default I couldn't log in.

    So, I know I intend to leave this website permanently and I really shouldn't care, but I have a party who thought I abandoned them because of this crap. See, I couldn't log into the site for almost a week on any device. I didn't get an error message or anything, but when my cookies cleared I found I couldn't load any pages on the site, not even the main page. I couldn't even read the comics. (As a side note, yes Haley, you all took a step backwards. More of a flying leap, really.) I tried changing tactics in case it was on my end, across Chrome and Firefox, on my desktop and cell phone, wifi and 4G, for at least four days. I don't know what happened, but it was so persistent I was certain I had been stealth-banned from the site, and I figured such a major issue would be worth notifying the staff of.

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    Default Re: I couldn't log in.

    You seem to have been able to log in and post, so I'm unsure what the issue currently is? From the description, it sounds like your DNS lost the site, and took a few days to get it listed again. Next time, switch DNS servers and re-try.

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