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    smile A Monster for Every Season purchase question...


    I think these products are awesome. Gumroad...not so much.
    Selected and bought Spring (wanna get them all). See activity in paypal.
    No receipt.
    No link to product.

    *sadface* Afraid to try again...why throw more $ if the first attempt vanished? Gumroad says it is not to the product folks. Uh I disagree since it is their payment engine.

    Did their site get hacked?

    Not a big deal... $6 won't kill me...but would like an alternate method to buy these and the whole set please :)

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    Default Re: A Monster for Every Season purchase question...

    I don't see why this is a Board/Site issue, but especially if you have PayPal active it sees like it should be rather easy to either convince Gumroad that you have paid them something and not gotten anything (so most likely there is a problem on their and) or either go through PayPal's customer service and probably get your money back. Though from the outside it looks to me that maybe you have used a wrong email or something - not sure if you have any means to verify that.

    Maybe it also is some sort of problem that can be sorted out with a Gumroad account (if you don't have one), in the New "A Monster for Every Season" Vol. 3 - Autumn - now on sale! (where would be a better place to ask about this anyway), there were some problems that got sorted out that way (there are also links to the previews two threads inside that thread, maybe there is something helpful for you in them).

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