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    Default Tactics And Leadership-A 5E Class Contest

    Welcome, one and all, to... The second? Third? [Insert Proper Number Here] D&D 5E Homebrew Class Contest!

    This contest's theme is...

    Tactics and Leadership

    The contest will end one month from now, on December 5th! Due to my personal schedule, I would HIGHLY ADVISE any applicants complete their entries by the 4th-that way, if I wake up early and decide to close it then, you'll still be in.

    For this thread, please, only post your entry. There is a separate chatter thread, for giving feedback and whatnot, over here. In addition, there is a second contest, for everything else, over here, on the same theme.

    Spoiler: How Voting Will Work
    First off-if you make an entry, you HAVE to vote. In addition, you cannot vote for yourself! If you do not vote, you will be disqualified.

    Voting will be pretty simple. You rank each piece of homebrew from 1st to 3rd. 1st gets 5 points, 2nd gets 3, and 3rd gets 1. These points are totaled up, and whichever has the most is the winner!

    Current entries are:
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    Default Re: Tactics And Leadership-A 5E Class Contest

    I am submitting this class, which is a take on the Favored Soul. Some ideas and concepts were borrowed from the Unearthed Arcana, and obviously I used stuff from the Players Handbook. This Brew was made on The Homebrewery by me, and the artwork is credited on the first page.
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    Default Re: Tactics And Leadership-A 5E Class Contest

    Hit Dice: d10
    Hit Points at 1st Level: 10+Constitution Modifier
    Hit Points at Higher Levels: 6 (1d10)+Constitution Modifier

    Armor: All
    Weapons: All
    Tools: Any one artisan's tool

    Saving Throws: Charisma, Wisdom
    Skills: Choose any three

    You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:
    -a) Chain Mail, b) Scale Mail, or c) Leather Armor
    -a) A melee weapon and shield or b) two weapons
    -a) A ranged weapon and 20 pieces of ammo or b) two thrown weapons
    -a) A scholar's pack or b) a diplomat's pack

    Level Proficiency Bonus Features Leadership Die Size
    1st +2 Leader Of Men d4
    2nd +2 Fighting Style, Push On d4
    3rd +2 Archetype d4
    4th +2 Ability Score Improvement d4
    5th +3 Extra Attack d6
    6th +3 Harder, Better, Faster d6
    7th +3 Archetype Feature d6
    8th +3 Ability Score Improvement d6
    9th +4 Bellowing Voice d8
    10th +4 Archetype Feature d8
    11th +4 Lead From The Front d8
    12th +4 Ability Score Improvement d8
    13th +5 Surge Of Power d10
    14th +5 Survivor d10
    15th +5 Archetype Feature d10
    16th +5 Ability Score Improvement d10
    17th +6 Extra Attack (2) d12
    18th +6 Archetype Feature d12
    19th +6 Ability Score Improvement d12
    20th +6 True Leader d12

    Leader Of Men-As a bonus action on the Leader's turn, they may grant a Leadership die to anyone within 60' who can see and hear them. The Leader must specify what the die is to be used on-an attack roll, a save, or a skill check. This die lasts for one minute, and can be used by the recipient without an action to add the result to the roll. Any given target may only have one Leadership die on them at a time. The Leader may only have a number of dice out at a time equal to their Charisma modifier. (For example, with a 16 Charisma, a Leader could have up to three allies with a Leadership die at any given moment.)

    Fighting Style-The Leader may gain any fighting style at level two.

    Push On-Intelligence modifier times per short rest, the Leader may give a special Leadership die to someone at level two. This die may be expended as a reaction or bonus action to spend one hit die, regaining HP equal to the number rolled plus the recipient's Constitution modifier plus the roll of the Leadership die.

    Archetype-At level three, select your archetype: Knowledgeable Leader or Charismatic Leader.

    Ability Score Improvement-At levels four, eight, twelve, sixteen, and nineteen, you may increase any one ability score by 2 or any two ability scores by 1. As usual, no stat may be increased above 20 in this fashion.

    Extra Attack-At level five, you may attack twice whenever you take the Attack action. At level seventeen, you gain a third attack.

    Harder-At level six, you may apply your Leadership die to a damage roll.

    Better-At level six, you may choose to replace an attack with giving out a Leadership die.

    Faster-Also at level six, you may double the distance traveled during long marches, and grant all allies within 60' advantage on saves against exhaustion.

    Bellowing Voice-At level nine, your Leadership range doubles to 120'.

    Lead From The Front-At level eleven, you always count as having a Leadership die on yourself for damage (this does not count against your limit of total Leadership dice out at a time, or the one you may have on yourself). In addition, you may, when hitting with an attack, choose to instead give a Leadership die to someone within range rather than expend it for extra damage.

    Surge Of Power-At level thirteen, you may, Wisdom modifier times per long rest, grant an ally within 120' an extra action. When you choose to use Surge of Power, the ally must expend their reaction to take any one action or move their speed.

    Survivor-At level fourteen, you gain a hardy spirit which refuses to go down. You gain advantage on death saving throws, and should you succeed on three of them, you may immediately spend a hit die and regain HP equal to the number rolled plus your Constitution modifier.

    True Leader-At level twenty, you may, once per short rest as an action, grant all allies within 120' a Leadership die. This die may be used on any roll (with the exception of rolls added onto other rolls-for instance, you cannot add it to a Guidance d4) and is not expended until the start of your next turn.

    Spoiler: Knowledgeable Leader
    Fight Smarter-At level three, you may grant a Leadership bonus instead of a die. This bonus equals your Intelligence modifier plus your proficiency modifier, but is otherwise used the same as a Leadership die.

    Cantrips-At level seven, you may gain up to three cantrips from the Wizard spell list. These cantrips use Intelligence as their casting modifier.

    Rituals-At level ten, you gain the ability to cast Wizard ritual spells. You know any four rituals of 5th level or lower, and may learn more by studying a scroll, book, or other ritual source. You do not need to prepare these or store them in a book. You may learn and cast any ritual that a Wizard of your level in Leader could.

    Master Of Knowledge-At level fifteen, you gain proficiency in all Intelligence skills. Any skills you already had proficiency in now gain Expertise.

    Cunning Insight-At level eighteen, after every long rest, roll a 2d20 and record the numbers rolled. You may, as a reaction or bonus action (depending on whether it is on or off your turn) replace any d20 rolled by someone within your line of sight with the one of the d20s.

    Spoiler: Charismatic Leader
    Demagogue-At level three, you gain proficiency in all Charisma skills. Any you already had proficiency in instead gain Expertise.

    Verbal Beatdown-At level seven, you may attempt to brow beat someone with your words into submission. You gain the Vicious Mockery cantrip, with Charisma as your casting stat. In addition, after talking to someone for at least one minute, you may, once per short rest, attempt a series of checks to cow them. Roll Intimidation as opposed by their Charisma (Insight) check. If you succeed, you may either reap your rewards or choose to keep going, in which case you would roll another check. If you fail, the beating ends with no effect. For each success you manage, you may inflict 1d10 pseudo damage onto them. If the amount of pseudo damage inflicted is at least one tenth their HP, you may cast a non-magical Charm Person on them. If it's at least half their HP, you may cast a non-magical Dominate Monster on them. If it's their entire HP pool, you may cast Geas on them. They automatically fail their initial save against these effects.

    Inspiring Leader-At level ten, you gain the Inspiring Leader feat for free. if you already have it, you may gain an ASI instead.

    Magnificent Presence-At level fifteen, you may add your proficiency bonus to all Charisma checks you do not already add it to.

    Quick Inspiration-At level eighteen, you may, once per long rest, use the Inspiring Leader feat as an action.
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    Default Re: Tactics And Leadership-A 5E Class Contest

    Traditional D&D bards are somewhere between fighters, rogues and spellcasters. They're martially skilled scoundrels who cast magic either through arcane study (without Int) or an appeal to outside forces (without Wis). As someone who wants to access themes and mechanics in isolation, or to combine them freely through multiclassing, I'm frustrated that traditional bards tie social skills to both sword-swinging and spell-slinging.

    The Mundane Bard is my attempt to fix this. With no spellcasting, no armour proficiencies, minimal weapon proficiencies and a d6 hit die, this version of the bard relies totally on their social skills adventure and fight. More traditional concepts like charismatic warlords and enchanting musicians are still accessible (and in fact, more flexible!) by taking levels the martial or magical class of your choice.

    This is a work in progress, though, so features past 10th level need work.
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    Default Re: Tactics And Leadership-A 5E Class Contest

    The Tactician

    Hit Dice: d10 per tactician level
    Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + your Constitution Modifier
    Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 + your Constitution Modifier

    Armor: All armor, shields
    Weapons: Simple and Martial Weapons
    Tools: None

    Saving Throws: Charisma, Constitution
    Skills: Choose two skills from Acrobatics, Athletics, Deception, History, Insight, Intimidation, Persuasion, Perception, and Survival

    You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

    Level Proficiency Bonus Features
    1st +2 Beginner Tactics
    2nd +2 Fighting Style, Tactical Sense
    3rd +2 Strategy
    4th +2 Ability Score Improvement
    5th +3 Tactical command
    6th +3 Strategy
    7th +3 Intermediate Tactics
    8th +3 Ability Score Improvement
    9th +4 A step ahead
    10th +4 Strategy
    11th +4 Command expert
    12th +4 Ability Score Improvement
    13th +5 Advanced Tactics
    14th +5 Mental Fortress
    15th +5 Strategy
    16th +5 Ability Score Improvement
    17th +6 Master Commander
    18th +6 Master Tactics
    19th +6 Ability Score Improvement
    20th +6 Strategy

    Spoiler: Base Class
    1 Beginner Tactics
    Choose one of the following abilities:
    Flanking - When you and an ally are within 5ft of the same enemy, you can use the help action as a bonus action so long as you are helping the specified ally.
    Shieldmate - When you are wielding a shield all allies within 5ft of you gain +1 to their ac
    Combat lines - Allies behind you are treated as heavily obscured and you gain heavy obscurment when positioned behind allies.

    2 Tactical Sense
    You gain a sense of where your allies are at all times so that you can issue meaningful battle commands. You are aware of location of all friendly creatures within 60ft of you.

    2 Fighting Style
    Starting at level 2 you may choose a fighting style from defense, dueling, protection or archery

    5 Tactical command
    As a bonus action you can command an ally. They can use their reaction to take the Attack (one weapon attack only), Move up to their movement speed, Disengage, Hide, or Use an Object action as you command.

    7 Intermediate Tactics
    Choose one of the following abilities:
    Drag to safety - You or an ally you command can drag a prone ally at their full movement speed and do not provoke attacks of opportunities while doing so.
    Hit and Run - You and any ally you command do not provoke attacks of opportunity from any creature you successfully hit with an melee attack.
    High Ground - You and any ally you command make ranged attack rolls with advantage if your are at a higher elevation than your target

    9 A Step Ahead
    When it comes to tactics being one step ahead of your opponent is have the battle. You are never surprised and have advantage on initiative checks.

    11 Command Expert
    When you use the command action the ally you command can take 2 command actions but he cannot take 2 of the same action.

    13 Advanced Tactics
    Choose one of the following abilities:
    Back to Back - You and an ally can fight back to back to gain a defensive edge. While you are in this position you or your ally can impose disadvantage on the attack roll when attacked as a reaction.
    Spell and Steel - When you or an ally you command attacks a creature it has disadvantage on its next save against a spell cast before your next turn.

    14 Mental Fortress
    You gain Proficiency in Wisdom saves.

    17 Master Commander
    When you use the command action you may command 2 allies instead of one. This effect stacks with command expert.

    18 Master Tactics
    Choose one of the following abilities:
    Hold the line - If you are adjacent to at least one ally you can decide to hold the line. You and your ally become immune to all forced movement and every turn you do not move and remain adjacent to the ally you and your ally gain cummlative +1 bonus to ac to a max of +5. 1/long rest.
    Blitzkrieg - In the first round of combat you may use your command action to command each of your allies. This effect stacks with command expert. 1/long rest.

    Spoiler: Strategies

    3: Combat traps
    During a long rest you build traps that can be set easily during combat. You may build a number of traps equal to your dexterity modifer.
    You learn 3 traps from the list of options available. As an action you may set a trap. When a creature enters the same space as the trap the traps goes off. You learn another 2 traps at levels 6, 10, 15, and 20.

    I dont have the traps created yet, but will be working on them

    6: Trap expert
    You gain advanatage on any saving throw made to avoid the effects of a trap. As well you learn to craft traps during a short rest as well as a long one.

    10: Improved traps
    Each of your traps can be set to trigger in a 10 ft radius around where the trap is set or to affect all the creatures in a 10ft radius when it goes off.

    15: Scavenge
    Anytime you use at least one trap in combat you can scavenge together the parts of your used traps to recover one expended trap after combat.

    20: Ambush
    You become adept at laying ambushes and taking advantage of them. Your traps deal double damage to a surprised enemy and anytime you or an ally you command attacks a suprised enemy, you may make one additional attack as part of the action.

    3: Stances
    As a bonus action you may activate a stance. Once activated it remains until you change stances or have a long or short rest.
    Offensive - When you use the attack action, you may make an attack as a bonus action
    Defensive - When you take the dash or disengage actions you may dodge as a bonus action
    Balanced - When you take the dodge action you may make one attack as a bonus action

    6: Pincer Attack
    You know how to cut off an enemies escape by attacking it from both sides. If you and a creature you command both hit the same target the targets speed is reduced to 0 until the start of your next turn.

    10: Warning Shout
    When an ally you can see is attacked you may use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll. You can do this a numnber of times equal to your charisma modifer before taking a long rest.

    15: Divide and Conquer
    Anytime you successfully shove a creature it's movement provokes opurtunity attacks as if it had moved willingly.

    20: Inspiring Leader
    Your presence inspires allies to keep fighting regardless of the odds against them. Any ally that can see you at the start of it's turn gains temp hp equal to your charisma modifer.

    3: Team Stealth
    You have instructed your team in the art of stealth. You can hide as a bonus action and you and allies you designate can add your charisma modifer to any dexterity(stealth) checks they make if they are within 30ft of you.

    6: Silent Takedown
    You have mastered the art of taking down creatures without making any noise. Anytime you or a creature you command reduces a creature to 0hp your position is not revealed as a result of the attack.

    10: Code of Silence
    You have sworn to the code of silence and will never sell out your team or reveal secret information. You gain immunity to the charmed condition. You cannot be compelled to tell the truth by any means and magic cannot be used to reveal if your words are true.

    15: Lay of the Land
    Anytime you infiltrate a place you plan ahead learning the lay of the land and how best to overcome it's obstacles. You gain advantage on all strength athletics checks made to jump or climb if you spend 1 minute studying the obstacle.

    20: Cloak of Shadows
    As an action you enshroud your allies in shadows. You and each ally becomes invisible for 1 minute and each ally within 30ft of you can immediately use their reaction to hide. Once you use this ability you can't use it again until you complete a short or long rest. An creature under the affects of this ability becomes visible if it attacks or casts a spell.
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    Default Re: Tactics And Leadership-A 5E Class Contest

    Okay, I'll type something up, will probably need to be re-written to make more sense grammatically.
    Warlord - Inspired HEAVILY... COMPLETELY... by 4e Class of the same name.
    Hit Dice - d8
    Proficiency - Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields, Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
    Saving Throws - Constitution, Charisma

    Orders (Shouts? Order? What's a good name?)
    Once per turn, you can spend a Bonus Action to issue an order.

    Level 1 - You may choose a single Basic Order. You acquire more at higher levels.

    Basic Orders
    Wolves Dance - Each Ally within 30 ft may move 5'
    Knight's Move - An Ally within 30 ft may move their speed.
    Flicker Step - An Ally within 30 ft may move 5', this movement does not provoke.

    Level 2 - Fighting Style, Protection is not an Option.

    Level 3 - Presence
    You begin exerting a certain Presence in the battlefield. You may choose a Presence at level 3. All Presence work as a Reaction to a Triggering Event.

    Inspiring Presence -
    Trigger - An Ally within 15 feet of you is hit by an enemy attack
    Effect - That Ally immediately recovers Health equal to your Charisma Modifier, before damage is rolled.

    Alpha Wolf Presence -
    Trigger - An Ally within 15 feet of you damages an enemy you're Adjacent to with a Melee Attack
    Effect - That Ally may immediately move half their speed, this movement does not provoke.

    Resourceful Presence -
    Trigger - An Ally within 15 feet of you completely misses and deals no damage with a Ranged Attack
    Effect - That Ally may immediately attempt the same attack with disadvantage against a different enemy within Line of Sight, and within 10 ft of the original targeted enemy. This does not consume an additional ammo.

    Berserker Presence -
    Trigger - An Ally within 15 feet of you who took damage this round attacks the target who damaged him (or her)
    Effect - That attack deals additional damage equal to your Charisma Modifier

    Level 3 - Archetypes
    Archetypes gives you access to Archetypes Orders and you may choose an Archetype Presence INSTEAD of a Generic One.

    Phalanx Leader - A Defensive Leader based on having High Con and a Shield
    - Proficiency in Heavy Armor

    Phalanx Presence -
    Trigger - An enemy you're adjacent to attacks an ally you're adjacent to
    Effect - That attack suffers from disadvantage. If the attack still hits, the damage is reduced by your Con Modifier (min 0).
    Limit - You must be wielding a Shield.

    Bravura Leader - An Aggressive Leader who values Dangerous Tactics.
    - Your health maximum is increased by your Charisma Modifier. Each time you gain a Warlord Level, your health maximum is increased by your Charisma Modifier

    Bravado Presence -
    Trigger - An enemy you're adjacent to targets an Ally with an Attack
    Effect - The enemy gains Advantage on the attack, and you become the new Target for the Attack. If the Attack hits, until the end of the next your Ally's next turn, they gain advantage on their Attack Rolls made against this Enemy.

    Insightful Leader -


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    Default Re: Tactics And Leadership-A 5E Class Contest


    A mage-commander uses their spells to extra tactical effect on the battlefield. They start their career like other spellcasters, and only become mage-commanders later in life. A mage-commander can steer other magi in the right direction, or also make tactical use of their nonmagical companions in battle.


    The mage-commander class cannot be taken at first level. Instead, the character must take another class at first level, and then multiclass into mage-commander. They need to meet the prerequisites before they can do so.

    A mage-commander's proficiency bonus would only be a guess, as this is based on character level, not class level. On that basis, it is not included on the table. A mage-commander still increases proficiency bonus as normal, though.


    Spellcasting: Must be capable of casting 3rd-level spells.
    Proficiency: History, Insight or Persuasion
    Ability Score: Intelligence 13 or Wisdom 13 or Charisma 13

    Hit Points

    Hit Dice: 1d6
    Hit Points: 1d6 (or 4) + your constitution modifier per mage-commander level.


    Mage-commanders do not gain any proficiencies.

    Table: The Mage-Commander
    Level Special
    1st Inspirational Casting
    2nd Repeat After Me (+1)
    +1 Level of Existing Spellcasting Class
    3rd Marking the Targets
    +1 Level of Existing Spellcasting Class
    4th Follow-up Attack, Ability Score Improvement
    5th Repeat After Me (+2)
    +1 Level of Existing Spellcasting Class
    6th Counterspell Spotter
    +1 Level of Existing Spellcasting Class
    7th Follow-up Spell
    8th Repeat After Me (+3), Ability Score Improvement
    +1 Level of Existing Spellcasting Class
    9th Covering Spellfire
    +1 Level of Existing Spellcasting Class
    10th How We All Should Fight
    +1 Level of Existing Spellcasting Class

    At every level except first, fourth and seventh, you gain additional spellcasting (including use of cantrips) exactly as though you had taken an additional level in whatever spellcasting class you met the prerequisites with. If you had more than one spellcasting class with which you met the prerequisites, then you must choose one of them to advance. Once chosen, this choice cannot be changed. You do not need to choose the same class which you use to advance your ability score increases.

    You do not gain or advance any class feature of your class except for spellcasting itself, even if that class feature is used primarily or entirely to aid your spellcasting.

    Repeat After Me
    From second level, when you cast a spell, if an ally of yours casts the same spell within a round, that spell is treated as though it had been cast from a spell slot one higher than it actually was, up to the maximum of the highest spell slot they can actually use. This increases to two slots higher at fifth and three slots higher at eighth level. For example, if you're an eighth-level mage-commander, and you cast burning hands, and your ninth-level wizard ally casts burning hands from a first-level slot, it's treated as though they cast it from a fourth-level slot instead. If they cast fireball, it's treated as being cast from a fifth-level slot, as that's the highest slot they have available.

    Marking the Targets
    From third level, when you deal damage to an enemy with a non-cantrip spell, your allies get advantage on attack rolls against that enemy and that enemy gets disadvantage on saving throws (except the saving throw against the spell itself) until the start of your next turn.

    Follow-up Attack
    From fourth level, anyone damaged by one of your spells provokes opportunity attacks immediately.

    Counterspell Spotter
    From sixth level, if you identify a spell successfully, your allies are informed telepathically of the spell's identity.

    Follow-up Spell
    From seventh level, if an ally damages an enemy with an attack, as a reaction, you can cast a spell which only deals damage and only to the enemy damaged by the attack.

    Covering Spellfire
    From ninth level, whenever you cast a spell with a strong visual result (such as the explosion from a fireball), all your allies can move up to half their movement speed.

    How we All Should Fight
    At tenth level, you show your allies how to master their attacks when you cast a spell. When you do, your allies get a bonus on all their damage rolls in their next round equal to whichever of your intelligence, wisdom and charisma modifiers is highest, to a maximum of the spell slot level used.
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    Default Re: Tactics And Leadership-A 5E Class Contest

    An attempt at porting the PFRPG Cavalier with a splash of 5E Bard and a liberal dose of the Battlemaster archetype (please note that I don't use the Battlemaster Fighter archetype in my campaigns, thus the complete theft of features). It does share some overlap with the Paladin, but hopefully has a much more "mundane" feel... I really like to keep the spells out of the hands of all classes except pure casters. Honestly, a lot of this has been done so often that it's become very hard to make this concept feel original.

    Still a work in progress as I would like to add a mount-based option and a figure out a less finicky way to mesh the honor concept (it currently feels really "bolted on" to me).

    The original concept was probably more dashing knight than battlefield commander but it still works... to fit this contest theme better, one could rename Heroic Deeds to Strategems (or some such) and play around with some of the other wording.

    Feedback is always greatly appreciated!

    Homebrewery Link: Gallant

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