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    mad Windows 10 Update errors

    Oh boy, another update, another complete ****up by MS. New update now doesn't let me view pictures with the Windows Photo Viewer. I keep getting "Package could not be registered" error regardless of format.

    Not to mention some of the apps I had installed have become unaccessible, such as Skype and Calculator. And the store app is nowhere to be found.

    This all after I had to take my laptop to the shop because the previous Windows update went and made the boot device unaccessible.

    Anyone else run into a similar problem?
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    Default Re: Windows 10 Update errors

    Looks like an intermittent problem since at least 2015, probably related to the wackyness that is store app packages. Try here and here. It's sounding like a reinstall from media via the media creation tool is your best bet.

    When I did my stint in IT the spiceworks community was a really great resource. I know that there are some nice and skilled MS people there. If I'd stayed in IT longer I would have an active account there.
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    Default Re: Windows 10 Update errors

    I had a similar issue where I couldn't access my windows store apps.
    Ultimately, I just ended up writing a batch file that opens photos with the legacy Photo Viewer.
    Then, I set the batch file as my default photo viewing app.
    setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
    set "var=%~f1"
    start %SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe "C:\Program Files\Windows Photo Viewer\PhotoViewer.dll", ImageView_Fullscreen !var!
    However, I believe this will only work "as is" if you upgraded to windows 10 from an older version of Windows.
    Otherwise, I believe you would have to download "PhotoViewer.dll" from somewhere on the internet.

    Also, for some reason, I feel the need to mention the general internet safety tip of: "don't run any code you find on the internet until you understand what it does."

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    Default Re: Windows 10 Update errors

    Issues with the latest Creator update:

    1. You need to use a registry hack to enable Picture Viewer (google is your friend), since Picture viewer only works in Windows 10 if it is upgraded from Windows 7 or 8. This latest update no longer makes Windows recognize itself as an upgrade.

    2. It might bug out your lockscreen settings so you can't change picture and color (I have that, but I don't care). No way of fixing, but it tends (according to those who got this bug LAST Creator update) to be automatically fixed next time you do a Windows update.

    3. Worst of all, it might cause overheating of mid or low range laptops since a bug locks the processor at 100% and it will stay that way for about 1-2 hours, during the entire upgrade.

    Oh and on some computers, rather amusingly

    4. It replaces "Light" (color scheme) in the App Settings with a random long text, and "Dark" with "Light". The settings works, but it looks amusing.
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