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Thread: What is a hero?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinyadan View Post
    Those numbers refer to the massive field tests that took place in 1954. They still rank among the largest trial studies ever.
    The first tests were performed in 1952, and, in this early phase, he tested it, among others, on himself and his family. However, it is true that he already had good reason to believe that the vaccines were safe (there was a previous trial on children who had already had polio, on their parents, and others). This was before the vaccine was approved, and was aimed more to taking advantage of its protection, than to testing. There probably also was a different culture and different expectations towards how research and trials should be handled:
    Well I'll be. I take it back, there was some personal danger. It was, as you pointed out, fairly minimal... but still, the potential outcome if his risk had failed would have been pretty honkin' bad for him.

    Also, even though I was wrong about the personal risk, that just makes him even more awesome for me. The more I find out about that man, the more I love him.
    Gosh 2D8HP, you are so very correct (and also good looking).

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    It would be nice to just change the title of this thread to be "stuff about Jedi"

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    Default Re: What is a hero?

    A hero is someone who does great deeds while embodying virtues of their culture. (Sometimes you can argue they do great deeds because they embody some virtue, but such causation does not always exist.)

    An anti-hero is someone who fullfills one but not the other - either they achieve great deeds while lacking virtue, or their virtue fails to let them achieve anything. The former is the more common sort.

    As such, heroism is something external to a person - it is an acknowledgement other people grant you, not something you can claim yourself.

    What is recognized as heroic varies, but once you know a person's acts and character, it is easy to tell if they qualify under any given culture's values.
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