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    Default Xanathor's Guide: Questions

    Hey Playgrounders,

    I've been reading Xanathor's Guide over the Thanksgiving break and have some questions about the new rules and their (intentional?) interactions. I figured I would create a thread to ask my questions and see if others have similar queries they need answered. So here goes:

    Arcane Archer - Incredibly weak?
    Reading the Arcane Archer, I noticed the wording for Arcane Shot ONLY applies when making a "magic arrow" attack. Does this mean what I think it means - that the Arcane Archer cannot use this feature unless they use (and expend) a magic arrow? Doesn't this make them incredibly weak, RAW? Furthermore, doesn't this limitation combine poorly with their level 7 feature - which lets arrow attacks count as magical - but only for the purpose of overcoming DR (and hence not for the Arcane Shot feature)?

    Oath of Conquest - Incredibly strong?
    I've seen a lot of posts saying the Oath of Conquest is average at best. To my eyes it looks extremely OP. Specifically, it seems you can combine the +10 channel divinity attack bonus + power attack + smite for a huge DPS spike. Am I correct here? Furthermore, you get Armor of Agathys for shinanigens and an aura that literally freezes people who fail saves at higher levels. Isn't this class awesome?

    Kensai - Just useless?
    I was super excited for this class, but it seems terrible. The class even encourages you not to use it's weapons - since the +2 to AC feature seems about the strongest thing this class gets - and it requires attacking unarmed. Am I missing here? Is there some combination of abilities or classes that makes this class more useful (like Paladin Kensai?)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Xanathor's Guide: Questions

    Great questions! Wrong forum to ask them in, though. You need 5e/Next and this is 4th-ed.
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    Default Re: Xanathor's Guide: Questions

    You can find the link to the right thread here.

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    Default Re: Xanathor's Guide: Questions

    Technically due to a 4e essential errata all dnd material is material for 4e essential.
    Including all dnd 5e material.
    4e sub-forum is dead: 4e essential killed it.
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