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    Default What do I do with Gulaman/Agar Agar bars?

    So I found some "gulaman" sticks at a local Asian market, bought them... and am now not quite sure what to do with them. I have a rough idea of how to use powdered agar(I've been toying with ways to make candies out of it, since it lacks a scent unlike gelatin), but am not sure how to use it in this form(also it came in several colours. For some reason. I picked green. For reasons. Not sure if colour matters at all.).
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    Default Re: What do I do with Gulaman/Agar Agar bars?

    Searching suggests it's basically just another word for/form of agar, and should be used similarly. Since you have it in solid bar instead of powdered you'll need to cut, shave, or grate off whatever quantity is called for in your recipe.

    The color may just be for, well, color purposes, but it's possible the product is produced in several grades/varieties that are color-coded; I know animal gelatin comes in different grades that roughly represent the amount of gelling/thickening power you can expect from a given quantity used.

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