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    Default The Newbie Joins The Fray: Enter, Lorekeeper

    Hello, all who took the time (thank you by the way) to click upon this post. I am called Lorekeeper. I am new to the forum, though I am familiar with The Order of The Stick comic, and with some of the rules regarding 3.5 and 5th edition D&D, despite having never played myself. I have tried arranging for a session, but I've yet to make it work. In any case, I hope to have a wonderful time here and meet people willing to indulge a nerd in his questions about the lore and mechanics behind a class or item.

    Things to know:
    I am a fan of complex stories, but there is such a thing as going too far with it.
    Please, just don't refer to me as 'bro' or 'brother'. I am, however, fine with buddy, friend, etc.
    While I do prefer there be some degree of logic behind the how or why, there are a few times where 'Rule of Cool/Awesome' is viable to be called into play. For example, diplomancing the otherwise totally insane BBEG into standing down is hilarious.
    I myself would probably play as either a bard or a warrior. I'd probably go paladin, but when it comes to Charisma, I prefer to go either all the way or not at all. I'm not the leader-type regardless.
    The fact that Batman Wizards EXIST is very, VERY annoying to me, which means I love the existence of the Joker Bard build.
    I like home-brew to some degree, but I do have limits in terms of how far I'm willing to go.
    I love puns.
    To those who wish a nerd to enter the fray, they need only bring up an interesting story or possible plot lines. I'll even help those who want a bit of feedback on something if they ask for it.

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    Default Re: The Newbie Joins The Fray: Enter, Lorekeeper

    Hi, Lorekeeper. You may want to visit the "Hello and Welcome New Members" thread.

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