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    Default Re: What are the best qualities of a fantasy language?

    Quote Originally Posted by An Enemy Spy View Post
    I think if you're not a linguist like Tolkien you shouldn't try to make a language. You'll fail miserably and anyone who knows linguistics will point and laugh at you.
    Exactly. If you aren't a sword smith, don't redesign swords. If you're not a doctor or biologist, don't redesign medicine.

    And for the same good reasons, if you aren't a linguist, don't re-design language.

    Tolkien didn't write languages for the world of his fantasy novel. He wanted to design languages. He realized that languages are formed by the history and culture of the people, and so he invented that. Eventually, he wrote a novel set in that world. But he wrote the languages out of a love for language.

    Quote Originally Posted by An Enemy Spy View Post
    If Klingons were barking at each other in Sindarin, that would feel incongruous.
    It would be hilarious. I'd pay good money to see this.
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