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    Default Re: Is Game of Thrones (TV) getting better now that it's left ASoIaFire (books)?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lethologica View Post
    I'm dubious. There is an outline for these seasons--the writers aren't flying blind.

    One problem is that the outline probably has all of the major character deaths next season. Everything this season was just about getting to "Walkers south of the Wall" as soon as narratively plausible without utterly destroying Cersei's faction, so that there can be both a Living vs. Walkers showdown and Living vs. Living showdown next season. So Dany loses her way to parity as fast as possible while falling in love with Jon, follows Jon north she can give away a dragon, and negotiates the quick cease-fire with Cersei so we can get Dany into the Walker fight. Dorne, House Tyrell, and Littlefinger get their arcs cut off to narrow the focus. Most everyone who's left matters for either beating the Walkers or beating Cersei.

    Some big hitters do go down. Queen of Thorns? Littlefinger? Audience favorites with major screentime. But now we're looking at the characters who matter for the Epic Climactic Showdown(s), and of course they all have to live. And it doesn't help that they put some of those characters in obvious mortal danger seemingly just to show off how much plot armor they have--Jon, I'm looking at you. (Also Tyrion, meeting Cersei in her stronghold and not being killed immediately.) So it feels like nobody can die, even though people do die.
    The show also simply has fewer characters than the books and therefore less remaining meat on the storytelling bones that can be trimmed away while still having a story at all. Case in point: the Tyrells. In the show Loras, Mace, and Margaery got blown up at the Sept and only Olenna - heirless - remained. In the books Loras has two older brothers who would inherit and a bunch of other relatives. There's no real danger of the house being extinguished. The show trimmed out extraneous relatives from pretty much every grout house there is to the pint of eliminating Victarion Greyjoy - a viewpoint character. As the story has advanced that's meant considerably less room to maneuver. By the end of season 7 the number of characters who can reasonably be killed outside of major paths towards the ultimate resolution has been greatly reduced and is mostly limited to second-tier characters like Brienne of Tarth. Most of the remaining leads are in senior leadership positions without well developed deputies. There is simply no time left to allow them to be replaced before the end comes.
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    Default Re: Is Game of Thrones (TV) getting better now that it's left ASoIaFire (books)?

    I think what bothered me is not the stories as much as the way the story is constructed.

    Books are not built in the same ways as TV shows.
    TV need to "lure" the viewers with a cliffhanger at the end of an episode and a HUGE episode in the end of a season, while a book can have ups and down in the middle regardless of the chapter number.

    In season 6-7, my feeling was that the majority of the season was a buildup for the final bombastic episode.
    In previous seasons, I was more curious what happens all the time, and it felt like the tension was more equally distributed.

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