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    frown Confused about the CinderMaw [Spoilers: CotCT]

    Spoilers, read at your own discretion.

    In the Curse of the Crimson Throne the PC's are at some point tasked to travel to the CinderMaw's hunting grounds, have one of them swallowed by the beast, and then escape its flaming interior.
    It's an interesting concept, but the way the campaign describes it, leaves way too many question marks.

    First of all, on how this rather Special purple worm swallows its victims.
    After a succseful bite attack it has a free grapple check.
    According to the swallow whole rules, when it has someone grappled with its mouth, it can attempt to swallow them.
    So, could a PC tell me that when the worm tries to bite them, they jump directly in its mouth, to avoid the 1 round offset and the bite damage, and find themshelves directly down its "throat"?

    Two, according to the swallow whole rules the Cindermaw deals damage each round it has a character swallowed. However, how much of that damage is grapple damage? How much is fire? And how much is acid? Can the PCs escape the grapple inside its stomach to move a little more freely? (While still on the inside this seems weird to me)

    Three, Where is the Cidnermaw's poison? It states clearly in its Speciall Attacks, that it has poison, yet I don't see a description for it's poison anywhere. Effects, DC, or when is it applied to someone...

    Four, can the PCs breathe inside of it? Or do I have to keep track of suffocation rounds etc...?

    Five, if it swallows two PCs, and the First PC has escaped through cutting a hole in the Cindermaw's stomach, can the second PC escape it through the same hole as well? Or does it close?
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    Default Re: Confused about the CinderMaw [Pathfinder] [Spoilers: CotCT]

    I meant to post that in the D&D 3e/3.5e/d20
    where I saw more pathfinder posts, but I posted it here by mistake. Is there away to move it?

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    Default Re: Confused about the CinderMaw [Pathfinder] [Spoilers: CotCT]

    Click on the small triangle below your avatar's feet, and "Report Post."

    Ask the mods to move your thread to the appropriate sub-forum.
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