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    Default Suggestion: switch "intersex" to "nonbinary" under about me

    To make a long story short, that would be the most inclusive route to take, since "nonbinary" covers anyone who isn't a man or a woman, including people who aren't intersex. (Also, because people who are intersex might be men, women or nonbinary. I could probably draw a diagram of some kind, but I think you get the idea.)
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    Default Re: Suggestion: switch "intersex" to "nonbinary" under about me

    Not all intersex people are nonbinary. If you want to keep a way for intersex people to indicate they are intersex, then you could add

    the way you already have male->female and female->male settings. Or, you could just remove mention of intersex altogether and have nonbinary as a gender option. The latter is simpler, obviously.

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    Default Re: Suggestion: switch "intersex" to "nonbinary" under about me

    Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the drop down box is not and cannot be all inclusive. If there is no option that suits, there is the "Other/Undisclosed" option (which hides the indicator altogether).

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