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    Default Thinking of starting a business venture, can I discuss on this forum?

    So as the title suggests I'm thinking about undertaking a business venture and would like some feedback and suggestions on how to possibly go about it. I'm just wondering if such a thing is forum appropriate.

    I'm not sure to what degree people are allowed to self-promote such enterprises. I saw in the General Crowd-funding Thread that people can promote their projects and are even allowed to plug them a second time when there's only a week left for crowdfunding.

    In terms of what I would do on this forum for this enterprise I'm thinking about I would at most create two threads:

    1. One just asking general advise about any sort of business venture. Like just what should I keep in mind when starting this. Also I do plan on turning this into a patreon campaign and what sort of tiers/rewards I could potentially offer.

    2. A thread in the arts and crafts section to display my work as this project would be art based.

    I would also put some kind of banner/link in my signature. I'm pretty sure that's allowed as I've seen other people do similar plugs in their signatures, but just want to make sure

    That about sums it up. Sorry for possibly being over articulate. Just want to make sure what I'm doing is allowed.

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    Default Re: Thinking of starting a business venture, can I discuss on this forum?

    Sheriff: You can post a general thread seeking advice about a business venture, you can put a link in your signature, and you can post once in the appropriate crowdfunding thread, but don't do any of the rest of it. Specifically, don't post multiple threads about this and don't get into a promotion of your specific business venture under the guise of seeking advice.

    As with all our rules, err on the side of caution. If you think it'll be a problem under the Forum Rules, don't do it.
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