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    Default Pathfinder: Aura help

    So im playing a dread, and, unfortunately, every time time i use untouchable aura, the enemies response isn't "Kill it with fire" and focus me as i'd hope, they just go to my teammates. So, without any reasonable aoe aggro options, im wondering if theres a way to make auras like Untouchable aura effect my party members as well, either as casting the aura from them or just somehow including them into its effect.

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    Default Re: Pathfinder: Aura help

    1: you posted this in the wrong forum.

    2: Dread aren't supposed to be tanking, so they lack even the paltry few options that fighters and paladins get. You can't get people to attack you, you're the embodiment of fear made manifest. Lay down some stacking fear effects and kill some dudes, your allies can't be stabbed by things cowering before your abominable presence.

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    Default Re: Pathfinder: Aura help

    D&D (and by extension PF) doesn't actually have an "aggro" mechanic. The best way to make things attack you is to make it difficult or impossible for them to attack anything else - in other words, control the battlefield to funnel them towards you, or punish them for going after another target.

    What I will say is that your GM shouldn't be making the monsters avoid you whenever you manifest this unless (a) they can identify the power you used (i.e. successful Spellcraft/Psicraft checks, and your displays not being suppressed), (b) they're smart enough to actually use tactics like that in the first place, and/or (c) they've already swung at you and been subject to the effect, realizing there's something creepy around you and using that in-game knowledge to steer clear of you. Just avoiding you the moment you manifest this without any justification is metagaming on the GM's part.

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