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    Default Cigar smokers of the Playground, which ones are your favorites?

    I don't smoke often, maybe a few times a year. But tonight I went ahead and broke one out. I'm a big fan of Gurkha, and my current favorite the Ghost - it's what I'm having right now, in fact. It had a wonderful richness to it, and in a sucker for the darker leaves. So I got to wondering, of the likely few that enjoy a nice cigar, what are your preferences?
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    Default Re: Cigar smokers of the Playground, which ones are your favorites?

    Also a "a few cigars a month" smoker here. With some good Whisky or COgnac of course (sadly it gets more and more difficult to enjoy, given the weather around these months and the fact I very much prefer not to smoke at home, as cold smoke suuccs. ^^).

    And my all time top Three are the padron 1926 Maduro Churchill, the recent Partagas Anejados and the DAG La Espada.
    Overall I tend to rpefer stronger Cigars, maduros especially if done well, as well as olkder Cubans if I can get my hands on them.

    Also: I agree. The Gurkha Ghost is a rather goo smoke, has great value.
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