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    Question Looking for an old thread

    Heyo folks,

    I'm looking for an old thread and I fear I've been away too long/don't remember enough specifics to use the search functions properly.
    I've been itching to read the thread of campaign stories from.. I think it was silverskin? I remember there were two campaign stories in the thread. The first had to do with Vestiges and the summoner class. The second had a bunch of beetles that had gems in them that held spells. That one was much longer than the first.

    These would have been from almost 10 years ago now.

    Anyone know what I'm taking about or have links for me? I've been trying to find them for about a week now with no luck.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Looking for an old thread

    It sounds like you're looking for these:

    (I found them by going to the Roleplaying Games Forum and they were linked from the "Notable threads" sticky. I only knew to do that because that's how I found and read them at some point.)

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