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    Default Skeleton King Story Ideas?

    I'm wanting to run a relatively short campaign (4-6 months) that has the primary protagonist as a Skeleton King of sorts. I have no idea what I want him to look, feel, or act like though, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on how this villain could be portrayed! When thinking about his motivations keep in mind that I'd like this campaign to stay within a fairly small geographical locaiton spanning across maybe 2 or 3 small towns or villages. I'm not looking for any continent wide skeleton invasions or months of traveling for the players. Just something exciting that invovles a key locaiton or two.

    Let's hear those wonderful ideas!

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    Default Re: Skeleton King Story Ideas?

    The Skeleton King was not once a man. He (or it, or, most appropriately, they) was formed from 206 people, each contributing a single bone to the new body. This gestalt body was far more powerful than the individuals, possessing all of their strengths, but the body could only take it for so long. As such, there was a long-standing tradition of taking a bone from the deceased and replacing one of the Skeleton King's oldest bones with a new one, so he might always be strong enough to protect the area.

    But, a band of foolish adventurers saw "SKELETON KING!" and charged in, nearly destroying the guardian. The people dispersed in a panic, and ever since, the Skeleton King has tried to be the guardian he once was. But, in his desperation, he turned sinister... He has taken to looting corpses, and even killing others to get the bones he needs to rejuvenate himself. The adventurers, looking to slay a monster, instead created one.

    Possible ways to end it involve destroying the Skeleton King once and for all, or restoring him to his old glory, so that he might once again serve as a faithful protector to the local villages.
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