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    Default D&D 5e Subscription Service?!?

    Hey community,

    My friend and I are looking into starting a subscription box-service for dungeons and dragons 5e. It would NOT be a loot box like other services. Instead, it would be a campaign-style box where you get sent the character/creature pawns, maps, and campaign booklets you need to play through a full campaign in more manageable sized pieces.

    We'd love to get the feedback from people actually involved in the TTRPG community rather than the opinions of our friends' moms on Facebook who have no idea what Dungeons and Dragons even is. We've created a brief survey to start getting opinions and feedback from all of you and we'd really appreciate it if you could help us out at this link:

    Please post any questions, feedback, or comments as well!

    Thank you!!!

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    Default Re: D&D 5e Subscription Service?!?

    I took the survey. I've never had any desire to subscribe to Loot Crate or a similar service, so I'm not quite your target demographic, but I do think there's probably a market for this kind of product.

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