Hi all,

Looooong time fan of OOTS and probably had a forum account here before, but don't remember what it was, so here I am with a new one.

I have been wanting to do a campaign based on Magic: The Gathering. Not really replicating the card game, but more the universe described in the stories and books they have released over the years.

The scenario is that the PCs would be sent on a mission by an older Jace Beleren, who, for those who don't know, is a very powerful psychic and illusionist. I thought it would be cool if the first game was basically Jace testing the PCs and taking them through a crazy psychic danger room scenario, with elements changing on the fly and weird mind bending stuff going on.

Does any one have ideas for how I could accomplish something like this? I figure Jace would be trying to teach them stuff through this so that they are better prepared for the threats they will encounter from other powerful planeswalkers, gods, other mages, etc. I would want to include puzzles, combat, social challenges, etc, and all very bizarre and mindmelty.