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    Default Transfering Display Information from PC to PC (Win 8 - Win 10)

    So I just got an upgrade on a new computer. However its display is...wierd in ways that are difficult to describe, the color balance and stuff is all wrong. I've tried screen calibration but that relies on me eye-balling what 'grey' is and everything still looks strange. At this point I don't trust my eyes to do this manually.

    I was hoping there was some way, some hidden registry item or .ini file that I could transfer over and input into my new computer so that its display more-or-less matches the display of the old one.

    Yes, I do have both computers accessible and fully functional.
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    Default Re: Transfering Display Information from PC to PC (Win 8 - Win 10)

    Do you have independent monitors here, or are these laptops with built-in displays?
    • If you have independent monitors you should be able to get the settings from the monitor itself.

    What kind of graphics card is being used?
    • My Intel card has an applet that displays/allows me to specify various display settings including colour balance. There is an icon for this on the task bar lower right of the screen (Win 7 - I can't speak for Win 10).
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    Default Re: Transfering Display Information from PC to PC (Win 8 - Win 10)

    If the new computer has it's own monitor, it probably has a different color temperature set than your old one does. As mentioned, check the settings of your old monitor and set your new one to match.

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