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    Default Art of small fort/Small castle in jungle?

    Anyone got any art with (small!) fortress in a jungle environment? (not a masive castle or a lost city or alike) Can be India-like or South America-like jungles.

    Pic not really related. Did Mayans and Aztecs even build any fortresses?

    I need it for D&D campaign. Would really appreciate it.

    Attached picture is the style I am looking for.

    thanks :)

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    Default Re: Art of small fort/Small castle in jungle?

    Try looking in r/imaginarycastles. The whole imaginary network is good for RPG art.
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    Default Re: Art of small fort/Small castle in jungle?

    Try searching for something like xen'drik or chult. Those are jungly settings, at least.

    Xen'drik ruin gives interesting results.
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