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    Default Working Sorcerer Builds

    People have a lot of trouble playing Sorcerers, it seems. With the release of Xanathar's, a lot of people want to try them out, particularly the new Shadow Sorcerer. But it's not easy to play one, especially at low levels. This is a thread dedicated to working builds for the class.

    The rules:
    • Build should come online during tier 2, if not sooner.
    • Build should be purely or primarily Sorcerer.
    • Include spell and Metamagic recommendations as well as role.

    Sample: Basic Buffer / Control
    Level 5 Sorcerer: Wild Magic
    Metamagic: Twin, Subtle
    Spells: Shield, Invisibility, Enhance Ability, Hold Person, Haste, Enemies Abound

    The idea here is to help allies and hinder foes. Twin is great in combination with spells like Haste and Enhance Ability to buff allies. Hold Person and Enemies Abound target Wisdom and Intelligence, which tend to be low saving throws for the types of creatures that you'd want to cast these on. Invisibility can target multiple allies at higher spell levels, and you can subtle cast it for snap-stealth that doesn't alert anyone. Subtle casting Enemies Abound is also pretty funny in social situations, I hear.

    This build only has just one first level spell, but it's a damned useful one. And if you end up with extra first level slots, you can always convert them to sorcerery points for more Metamagic, which is not a bad idea. Also don't forget you can create third level slots if you run out.

    Sixth level yields Bend Luck, which will let you reduce a foe's saving throw roll. Since you can do so after the roll, you'll know when to use this as long as the DM tells you what the roll was (DM's choice). This can be extremely useful to help ensure that a crucial target fails his save against Enemies Abound. You can also use this to help allies succeed since you'll know what they rolled for their saves.
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    Default Re: Working Sorcerer Builds

    Cleric 1 (Life) - Sorcerer X (we'll say 5 here) Divine Soul

    This allows for a pretty versatile spelllist (with lot of additions due to the 1 level dip from Cleric).

    S : 8 D : 10 Co : 16 I : 8 W : 14 Ch : 16

    Human Variant (point-buy 27) : 1st level Feat : Actor
    5th level Feat : Inspiring Leader

    Cantrips : 7 (3 Priest - 4 Divine Soul)
    1 - Cure Wounds - Bless - Healing Word - Shield of Faith - Absorb elements - Comprehend languages - Mage armor

    2 - Suggestion - Silence - Enhance Ability (can be changed for anything)

    3 - Haste - Counterspell

    Grab Twinned Spell for sure and for me it was Subtle Spell (since I act as the party's face).

    I'm basically a buff-debuff caster that act as the party's face in social encounters often.

    I also act as the main healer (Twinning Healing Words for generic survivability is always an option).

    Pretty viable so far. The spelllist isn't set in stone... so far... Cleric has opened me to Silence at level 2 (which is quite strong to restrain an enemy caster).
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    Default Re: Working Sorcerer Builds

    Class: Fighter 1/Storm Sorcerer 6
    Race: Dragonborn (blue or bronze are the most thematic but also have redundant resistances)
    Stats: Str-15, Dex-10, Con-14, Int-8, Wis-10, Cha-16

    Fighter gives you all the AC you'll ever need, Str and Con saves, a fighting style (I'd go with Defense), and good starting HP. You won't be casting spells right out of the gate but you shouldn't have trouble surviving to level 2.

    Cantrips: Ray of Frost, Shocking Grasp, Prestidigitation, Light,
    Sorcerer 1: Chromatic Orb, Fog Cloud
    Sorcerer 2: Twinned and Empowered metamagic, Thunderwave
    Sorcerer 3: drop Thunderwave and get Invisibility and Dragon's Breath (XGtE)
    Sorcerer 4: Bump Charisma and grab Misty Step
    Sorcerer 5: Fly
    Sorcerer 6: Thunderstep (XGtE)

    Role in the party: Will start by providing cover with spells like Fog Cloud or Invisibility. Then the sorcerer provides long or mid-range damage. When things get crazy Misty Step and Thunderstep are there to get you (and sometimes a friend!) out of harms way.

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    Default Re: Working Sorcerer Builds

    Glad I found this thread! I just finished creating a Shadow Sorcerer, although I won't get to play him, since I am always the DM. Here is what I went with:

    I wanted my Shadow Sorcerer to be a former soldier, so I went with a Mountain Dwarf to get the ST bonus and the ability to wear armor. Dwarves also get proficiency in a battle axe and that sweet CON bonus of +2. As a former soldier, I wanted my character to still hold on to his military days with regards to creed, weapons and armor, but also exploring this new found sorcery power.

    ST 14 DX 12 CN 16 IN 9 WS 10 CH 16

    I have his stats up to Level 3 so far

    Cantrips: Chilling Touch, Frostbite, Minor Illusion, Blade Ward
    Level 1: Feather Fall, Absorb Elements
    Level 2: Dragon Breath, Misty Step

    Twinned to fire off double Chilling Touch or Frostbites
    Quickened to protect himself with Blade Ward as a Bonus action before Charging into Combat with his Battle Axe.

    If you are interested, I did a complete YouTube video of my Shadow Sorcerer build on my channel:
    Creating a D&D 5E Character - Shadow Sorcerer - Ulfgar Brazzik (Wally DM on YouTube)... of course, I can't attach a link yet cause I am new to the forums.

    Great to see so many cool sorcerer builds! :0

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    Default Re: Working Sorcerer Builds

    Been playing a Kobold Divine Sorcerer and It's been a blast. We just hit lvl 5 and started with a lucky roll on stats. He is:

    LvL 5
    Str 10, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 18
    Metamagic: Quicken, Twinned

    Cantrips- fire bolt, mage hand(he's 2ft tall, can't reach the shelves), sacred flame, spare the dying, prestidigitation
    1st- cure wounds(free with good alignment), healing word, inflict wounds, mage armor
    2nd- mirror image
    3rd- animate dead, fireball

    With spells and Metamagic he can heal very efficiently, lvl 1 slots Twinned work wonders, and has a nice bit of offensive power for when needed but main role is support.

    Animate dead (repenting for the sins they committed in life) will be mobile shields to add to his defense or to get that pact tactics to work. For the most part, even at lvl 5 he's rarely need to use spells above 1st.

    Plan to get him command eventually.

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    Default Re: Working Sorcerer Builds

    Well let's see, I feel like people have trouble because they just like the flavour of the class but then don't really plan out their spell selection according to their limited knowledge. I mean you are an arcane caster with amazing spells at your disposal so it's kind of hard to do poorly.

    So first things first when making a sorcerer is to ask is why a sorcerer? There must be either a specific meta-magic you have in mind (e.g. Subtle spell for use with charm spells and the like) or there must be a sub-class feature or lastly you already know your spell list and it's very small (but I'll ignore that case). If not just roll a wizard and call it a sorcerer.

    So general design philosophy:

    As a base:
    - avoid redundancy in spell selection, start with a damage and utility or social spell and expand with spells that do unique things, ideally you should have a variety of utility and social effects before taking a second dmg spell (barring that some dmg spells have useful utility) you can replace your dmg spell though as you level up.
    - Favour spells that are flexible or longer in duration.
    - Avoid taking niche spells before 5th level (e.g. things like comprehend languages or the like that will only be used in very specific situations).

    For specifics:
    Storm sorcerer offers mobility so focus on close range casting, using the bonus moment to stay mobile or disengage. There isn't really an explicit build other then that you can pick spells like Dragon's breath, fear, earth tremor and other close range spells you might normally have avoided.

    Enchanter (any subclass): Take subtle spell and Charm person. Expand to other material less enchantment spells as you get higher in level. Best for someone who likes to roleplay

    Shadow: The hound is like a better version of Heighten spell so take save or win type spells and target the biggest enemies. See yourself as a single target assassin so you'll also want ways to evade enemies and or reach your target.

    Divine: Take Twin spell and Empowered spell as your initial meta-magic. You will be aiming to be a healer and a buffer and these are the abilities that will make it worthwhile to be a sorcerer instead of just a cleric. You could optionally take quicken instead of Empowered.

    For a specific build I have in mind, though some choices here are thematic:

    Storm Sorcerer 3:
    Cantrips: Shape Water, Gust, Ray of Frost
    1st lvl spells: Earth Tremor, Fog Cloud
    2nd lvl: Dragon's breath (replacing a first level spell), Alter Self

    The main damage spell is Dragon's breath, Alter Self is more for social or general utility. Fog cloud is always useful for many situations and Earth tremor is great for making escapes since you can fly ten feet and disengage when using it, plus it doesn't make the noise of Thunderwave and the tripping is a better effect.

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