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    Default Thematic help on. Shadow themed drow.

    Yes! My Drizzt nostalgia has awoken.

    Between Lineage 2 double-bladed sword/scythe images and a FR session I was spectating with a T-Shadowlord player massacre-ing everything till that BBEG psion pierced a high-PP boosted shard through his chest... My appetite for this has been tingling me.

    So, I need some help cause i dont really have the time for a thorough research. I wanna do that (lesser) drow who TWF most likely with a double bladed weapon(2h isn't out of the scene yet), but i also wanna boost it with some shadow themed aura and i mean it in the cosmetic way. Its for a med-op game a fresh DM friend of mine( years of xp as player though) wanna do. All books allowed but, if the build is retarded i will be spanked. (yay)

    I' m looking for ideas, for that character as I'm currently torn between:

    Normal tripper build with TWF and Knockdown(swords arent trip weapons), and Revenant blade.

    Eternal blade build. possibly including some of the above

    Some rogue based build with telflammar shadowlord or Shadow Marauder for shadow pounce.

    Gish, either duskblade(too much armor? maybe make shadow > dark) or wizard-EKnight-AChampion

    Jade phoenix mage possibly including as much of the above as possible.

    Anyone has something more thematic in mind? powerlvl isnt an issue, so im looking to look and be a pornstar rather than a combat beast.

    Any spells can do the trick for me? to look more badass, cloaked in shadows. Although I'm highly interested in looks, being competent combatant is welcomed.

    Thanks in advance for your help and time.

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    Default Re: Thematic help on. Shadow themed drow.

    Perhaps a Noctumancer? (Tome of Magic) It is a dual advancing PrC that seems flavorful and fun and right in line for a drow?
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    Default Re: Thematic help on. Shadow themed drow.

    How about:

    1) Cloistered Cleric 1. Feat: Stealthy.
    2) Ranger 1. Trap Expert ACF, Spiritual Connection ACF.
    3) Ranger 2. Feat: Extra Turning. Bonus: TWF.
    4) Fighter 1. Bonus: Mounted Combat.
    5) Crusader 1.
    6) Crinti Shadow Marauder 1. Feat: Extra Granted Maneuver.
    7) Crinti Shadow Marauder 2.
    8) Crinti Shadow Marauder 3. Bonus: Mounted Archery.
    9) Crinti Shadow Marauder 4. Feat: Improved TWF.
    10) Crinti Shadow Marauder 5.
    11) Ruby Knight Vindicator 1. Stance: Assassin's Stance.
    12) Ruby Knight Vindicator 2. Feat: Shadow Blade. Maneuver -> Shadow Jaunt.
    13) Ruby Knight Vindicator 3.
    14) Ruby Knight Vindicator 4. Maneuver -> Shadow Stride.
    15) Ruby Knight Vindicator 5. Feat: Greater TWF.
    16) Ruby Knight Vindicator 6. Maneuver -> Cloak of Deception. Stance ->
    17) Ruby Knight Vindicator 7.
    18) Ruby Knight Vindicator 8. Feat: Extra Turning. Maneuver -> Shadow Blink.
    19) Ruby Knight Vindicator 9.
    20) Ruby Knight Vindicator 10.

    Once you have all three Shadow Jaunt maneuvers, you can get three full attacks per turn, and then burn through your TUs with Divine Recovery/Divine Impetus to get even more full attacks. Comes in late, though... ECL 18ish for Shadow Blink, although we can maybe move that up to ECL 16 if you take a couple flaws and replace a Fighter/Ranger level with Crusader 3.

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    Default Re: Thematic help on. Shadow themed drow.

    very nice build bro. but I rly dont wanna go into crusader cuz I recently played 1. i think i will swap it for either of the other 2. Also there's a high chance my dm will adopt the Elephant in the Room (just the 3.5 applicable) so the feat taxes will be kinda gone. thx for your input.

    p.s. i read your TWF guide . i loved it!
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    Default Re: Thematic help on. Shadow themed drow.

    Prolly not allowed but there is a template for evil drow that turns them into outsiders with bonuses to hide.

    It can be found here on the sidebar on page 25: Vhaerath

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