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    Default Holiday RPG Haul

    I finally got all the RPG books in that I ordered with my Xmas money plus what I picked up at Pandemonium Games in Cambridge MA. This is what I bought:

    Sorcery & Super Science: Scourge of the Mall Rats and Creatures Below the Shattered Moon (both used).
    A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, A Game of Thrones Edition (used).
    FrontierSpace Player's Handbook (hardcover).
    Pure Steam Campaign Setting for Pathfinder (hardcover).
    Aethera Campaign Setting for Pathfinder (hardcover).
    Southlands Bestiary for Pathfinder (softcover).

    Sort of gaming related:
    Haynes Marvel Vehicles Owner's Workshop Handbook.

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    Default Re: Holiday RPG Haul

    Congrats, I guess? Good for you?
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