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    Default Re: Is it unrealistic to befriend Goblinoids?? [Controversial?]

    Quote Originally Posted by Bohandas View Post
    Being evil does not preclude having friends. Hitler had friends, Stalin had friends, Jefferson Davis had friends, Dylann Roof has friends. Most people in crime syndicates have friends. Violent gangs are basically just social clubs whose group activities include beating people and extorting money
    Well my players aren't evil like the goblins where Hitler is probably just as evil as his friends (or at least hitler assumed they were that evil until oone of them disagreed and quit) and same with the other people you listed. But I see where youre getting at, there are good people in history that have befriended bad people, happens all the time. Maybe I'll just have to tell that to my players and see what they say. Everyone in this forum has disagreed with my players one way or another and it's making me want to actually confront them with the great advice you guys have given me as back up.

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    Default Re: Is it unrealistic to befriend Goblinoids?? [Controversial?]

    IMO IRL comparisons don't really work all that great when you're talking about D&D humanoids. Alignment isn't real, cosmological objective Good and Evil aren't real, and everyone has free will without gods invading their mind and influencing their tendencies.

    Of course, YMMV on those statements depending on your beliefs. But that also makes IRL comparisons kind iffy.
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    Default Re: Is it unrealistic to befriend Goblinoids?? [Controversial?]

    I'm not a native english speaker and I'm dyslexic(that doesn't mean I have low IQ quite the opposite actually it means I make a lot of typos).

    So I beg for forgiveness, patience and comprehension.

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    It's like somewhere along the way, "freedom of speech" became "all negative response is censorship".
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    ."Gosh 2D8HP, you are so very correct (and also good looking), and your humility is stunning"

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