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    Default Can't cap a Barbarian/Frenzied Berserker build

    Hello everyone, may you all have a very happy new year of roleplaying and hacking enemies I need some help with the last few levels of a barbarian build, because we are all new in the game and even though my awesome brother who DMs for us and is so much cool and handsome and muscular and better than me in everything and is currently writing this post on my behalf because I am too lazy to do it on my own has read a ton about character creation, our general experience of the game as a whole and knowledge of available stuff is fairly limited.

    We play 3.5. This character has not been played yet (other than an 18 level one shot campaign during the holidays when we had enough spare time as a test run).The build is as folows: Goliath Barbarian 1 (with Mountain Rage racial substitution and Spirit Lion for Pounce) 1/Fighter 4/Tribal Protector 2/Frenzied Berserker ( ) 10/Exotic Weapon Master 1/??? 2 (Fighter was used as a means for getting all the necessary feats as early as possible). For those who don't know, Tribal Protector is a PrC from the 3e sourcebook Sword and Fist page 35. The feat selection both as prerequisites and as general usage was this:

    Level 1: Intimidating Rage
    Level 2: Power Attack (Fighter)
    Level 3: Destructive Rage ,Cleave (Fighter)
    Level 4: -
    Level 5: Great Cleave (Fighter)
    Level 6: Endurance, Steadfast Determination (Tribal Protector, so as to not TPK the party )
    Level 7: Diehard (Frenzied Berserker)
    Level 8: -
    Level 9: Leap Attack
    Level 10: -
    Level 11: -
    Level 12: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Elven Courtblade)
    Level 13: -
    Level 14: -
    Level 15: Weapon Focus (Elven Courtblade)
    Level 16:-
    Level 17:-
    Level 18: Extra Rage

    The purpose of this build is to deliver as much damage as possible (Frenzied Berserker + Leap Attack, duh) and have many extra attacks (Tribal Protector 2, Frenzy and EWM's Flurry of Strikes). My brother came up with EWM and elven courtblade [I wanted a weapon with a low critical threshold and initially planned to use a falchion, but LOOOOOOVED the elven courtblade (1d10 upgraded to 2d8 for Large and Goliaths, with a 18-20 crit and cool looking? YES PLEASE)]. I used the speed and keen enchantments to get an extra attack with my courtblade and lower its crit threshold to 15-20, which payed off fantastically as I usually scored between 2 and 3 crits on a full attack, with 4 not being unheard of I picked up Extra Rage because a) I couldn't think of anything better to take and b) one daily use of Rage seriously annoyed me and Steadfast Determination to avoid wiping my in game friends from the face of the planet while in a Frenzy (also anti-caster precaution, albeit definitely not a particularly foul-proof one)

    The problem is, we cannot figure out how to wrap the build up EWM doesn't have any other ability that would interest me in this build. Two more levels of Barbarian were considered, as were two more levels of Fighters for one more bonus feat (my brother checked for extra attack feats, but they were either based on a specific weapon or imposed very hard attack penalties ), but those don't seem to offer much

    And so, in our darkest hour, we turn to the Playground to ease our despair Help, all yee with knowledge that surpasses mine! How do I make this build more of an obliterating beast than it already is?

    Thanks in advance to all the kind people who will take the time and effort to make my game more enjoyable
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    Default Re: Can't cap a Barbarian/Frenzied Berserker build

    Bear Warrior is always nice. That said, there is a 3.5 subforum this should probably be in.
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    are you asking us to do research into a setting you wrote yourself?

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    Default Re: Can't cap a Barbarian/Frenzied Berserker build

    You could take a level of the unearthed arcana rage druid variant (EDIT: "Druidic Avenger") for even more rage (DM ruling might be needed on how this stacks), & a few utility spells and a pet EDIT: Actually no pet, since this is traded out for the rage etc. And maybe a level of a tome of battle class (since manoeuvres benefit from your total levels etc).
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    Default Re: Can't cap a Barbarian/Frenzied Berserker build

    Wrong forum, mate, report the thread and ask the modes to move it over to the 3.5E subforum...

    That said, the most useful option to "cap" that build would be with one of the ToB classes, because of the rule that non-initiator (ToB classes) levels count as 1/2 towards total Initiator Level.

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    Default Re: Can't cap a Barbarian/Frenzied Berserker build

    Thank you all for your responses so far. I have per your seggestions contacted the moderators and asked for the post to be moved. Looking forward to the replies it will receive once the correction is made

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