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    Default Re: How do you deal with hordes of enemies?

    Quote Originally Posted by jojo View Post
    That works, having a horde of hirelings is also valid.

    Circling way back around though, since stuff continued to conform to my original assessments:

    "Platemail" from the Arms and Armor manual is 600gp. Your 2e AD&D PHB says that "Full Plate" costs 1,300 to 1,500 gp depending on the printing. It does say that Half-Plate costs 600gp, or half as much regardless of what printing you're looking at.

    Feel free to check the SRD if you want.

    Again, no. See above, google the SRD. Open the PHB.

    The "Platemail" in the AAM actually only gives AC 3 at 600gp.
    Look again the comment was plate mail not full plate and if you do math of the suggestions it is based on an armor of AC3 base not AC1 which is the AC for plate mail. Are you looking at a retro clone ruleset because the 2e PHB does not even list a "half plate" armor though it has bronze plate mail (AC4), plate mail (AC3), field plate (AC2), and full plate armor (AC1)? There may have been a half plate in a later book but that is not really important as the example given was "plate mail" which is found in the PHB chapter 6.

    Plate mail is listed at 600GP and 50lbs. As a separate example that is different from your numbers field plate is 2000gp and full plate is listed at 4000-10,000 GP (yes it is listed as a range).

    The example being used was just the AC3 plate mail and that is all you need and it is 600GP. You do not need those higher value armors to accomplish this (though obviously it makes it easier to do).
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    Default Re: How do you deal with hordes of enemies?

    Grease Spell + Fire
    Burn enough of them to cause a morale check
    Outsmart them with your bard and convert them to followers?
    Pits + Stakes

    All depends on what you have to bring to bare.

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