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    Default Re: Predictions for Star Wars Episode 9

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeivar View Post
    Horrible reactions? Negative criticism? The group I went to the theatre with absolutely loved The Last Jedi. Everyone in my social circle loved it. Most reviews I've seen are very positive. From what I can tell the loudness of the negativity comes from a particular kind of fan entitlement at TLJ's messing with the SW formula, and the direction they decided to take Luke.
    The movie had how much money spent marketing it for how long a span of time?

    Critics were being given early screenings and coming out giving it 98-100% ratings on Rotten Tomato's and glowing reviews for what, a month, six weeks, longer, before the actual damn movie was open to the public? (Critics whom can pretty much be summed up as a: having a fincancial incentive to do so, B: Having a political one, C: being of the extreme elitist snobbery that deride the original trilogy for years as being junk because it wasn't Citizen Cain and all movies should be shamed for that for not being that, or D: Some combo there of.)

    And yet, the movies toy sales are in the tank, because no one wants to have merch related to this movie.

    And yet, the actual reviews from fan on Rotten Tomato's and other such sites and from the overall online reviewer scene have trashing the movie since it was made available to the public at large.

    And yet, like Batman Vs. Superman's original theatrical cut, it was the movie everyone wanted to see, and based on the sheer lack of sales putting the movie 200 Million, give or take a touch, below the projected number it needed to hit, it was also the movie that once they'd seen it once, no one wanted to see again.

    If messing with the formula was a problem, Rogue One would be eaten alive, and it wasn't. It's still held up as a good movie. And a good Star Wars movie.

    TLJ is hated because it is entirely awful for reasons easy to diagnose if you look into the people who were in charge and pay attention to what comes out of there mouths vs. what goes on screen when there at the helm of the project. It is hated because it went out of it's way to earn that hate. And it's more then just money saying it, it's the majority of people who saw the damn thing and stated so afterword's saying it.

    Friv :

    According to your logic Every Single Michal Bay Transformers or Ninja Turtles movie is objectively better then Citizen Cain.

    You'll forgive me if I don't take your logic to hold much in the way of water that being the case.

    (Aside: It was on track to make MORE then Force Awakens money, this was the much hyped teased for 2+ Years return of Luke Freaking Skywalker, riding a very positive wave form the fans and audience's at large after the last 2 movies and a few seasons of a successful animated series. If the movie had just been competent it would have made FA money, if it had been genuinely good it would have made FA money and probably more, especially long term. It wasn't, and it isn't going to do that ever now because it wasn't good and wasn't even decent, it was lousy. )
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    Default Re: Predictions for Star Wars Episode 9

    Quote Originally Posted by Metahuman1 View Post
    And yet, the movies toy sales are in the tank, because no one wants to have merch related to this movie.
    I'd also offer that the toy sales are suffering because TLJ and the ST generally has failed to produce cool new designs and they have a limited supply of characters to use for action figures. Say what you like about the PT, but Lucas churned out new designs and new characters like nothing else to supply toys. Hey, let's show the whole Jedi Council in a wide shot. Bam! A dozen action figures. The arena scene in AotC is stupid, but someone sold a whole bunch of Acklays, Nexus, and Reeks off of that. There were new starships in every film, a horde of ground vehicles and other stuff.

    The ST has mostly recycled old stuff. Still using the Millennium Falcon. Still using TIEs and X-Wings. Very few new characters with minor roles, especially on the First Order side - I think there are less than ten First Order characters who speak at all in TLJ. The Dreadnaught captain who gets blow up in the opening sequence is the fifth most notable First Order character in two movies.

    I mean, honestly, the big merchandising tie-in for TLJ was the Porgs - a creature they created because they chose to film at a UNESCO site that serves as a massive puffin colony and they couldn't digitally edit all the puffins out of shots on Skellig Michael (having been there, I totally understand, they're everywhere). The problem is, actual puffins are cuter than Porgs.

    You can say what you want about the merits of Rian Johnson's approach with TLJ, but whatever it's critical merits it absolutely was not conductive to providing the sort of flash-frame moments that make 8-12 year olds go 'that was so cool!' so that you can sell action figures and LEGOs.
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