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    Default How to encourage more intra party interaction

    So I am lucky enough to play in a regular group that kind of came together out of the blue (all 8 of us were basically strangers before we started playing together). It’s a wonderful comical group that really scratches my RPG itch.

    However, my one gripe is that the PCs all seem very reluctant to RP or talk about themselves. We are all pretty objective focused people and so it can be hard to try and coax it out. I’ve tried to take the lead but I feel like I just get an “eh” from the other players or that I’m interrupting the flow of the plot/game. Alternatively, a couple of our players obnoxiously have “super secret backgrounds” and don’t want to talk about them. Right now we’re a bunch of semi good hobos that are only together to destroy the artifact that seems to have destroyed the ship we were one without relationships or cohesion.

    As a player what are things you guys have done to get to know your party members better, or to encourage more intra party conversation/character development?

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    Default Re: How to encourage more intra party interaction

    Throw the spotlight on them.

    When they make a good skill roll (or use any unusual skill), stop to ask "Where'd you learn to do that?"

    Invite them to do stuff. Split the party when it's safe. For example, don't just "make camp". Specify who you're working with and what you're doing. "I ask Bob to help me make some lean-tos in case it rains. It's pretty easy. I can show you if you've never done it. Do they have trees like these where you're from?"

    For the secretive ones, all them stuff about what you both already know. Your ship was destroyed, so ask about that. "Where were you going? Are you still planning to go there when we're done with the quest? How did you feel when the ship was going down? Were you afraid that we would die? What do you think is waiting for us when we die?"

    Think about the obvious cool one liners they could say and then set them up. Be their straight man.

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    Default Re: How to encourage more intra party interaction

    Well each player is different, and each person plays the game differently. Really, there is not much you can do.

    Some players will simply not even make a hint of role playing.

    Some players just love being ''super secret''.

    Some players think ''playing the game'' is Roll Playing.

    You can try and lead by example: make your character the way you want it to be. There should be at least one other player you can interact with, so do that.

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    Default Re: How to encourage more intra party interaction

    Quote Originally Posted by Xuc Xac View Post
    Think about the obvious cool one liners they could say and then set them up. Be their straight man.
    I think this is very good advice. I've yet to meet anyone who didn't want to make a clever, funny joke, even if they don't feel like they're good at it. Most people also really enjoy talking about themselves if they think you won't poke fun at what they reveal. If you can give them opportunities for some good one-liners, they're more likely to trust you enough to open up a bit about their characters.
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    Default Re: How to encourage more intra party interaction

    It's your good for noticing that you may be disturbing the flow of the game.

    I mean, I usually start small - very small. I usually start with things essential to the characters' survival, like supplies and tactical capabilities. Depending on the quirks of my character and the feel of the group, I may also ask about last rights, burial preferences, salvage rights, how to spell their name, or fasten then zip.

    I also tend to poke at (different) things OOC, in part to test whether the "eh" response is indicative of the player or the character not being interested in talking.

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    Default Re: How to encourage more intra party interaction

    Make an NPC that asks questions of the party that you'd like to hear them talk about more in between them.

    Ask simple questions like, where are you from, what did you do before you became adventurers, how is the family and what do you do for a hobby?

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    Default Re: How to encourage more intra party interaction

    So I recently did a video on a similar topic to what you might be having a problem with. Basically you are wanting to invest more in the roleplay and aren't sure if they want to or will join you.

    It might seem like a really dumb thing to say, but just ask them. Tell them "Hey, I want to get more into character and try that out, what do you guys think?" Having a reasonable honest talk about your expectations for the game should be something that is greatly encouraged. If you notice a disconnect (and you are good to notice it if one exists) the answer is to talk about it.

    For you it might seem like you are just breaking the flow of the game, but others might see this as something cool and unique you are doing at the table. I know I have a very boisterous RP presence at table and can come off as overbearing sometimes in the way I roleplay some of my characters. I check in with people at the table, asking frequently if someone else wants to take the lead and letting people know they can tell me to chill out if they think I'm being too much. What I've found is that I frequently think I'm being too... I guess Extra is a word that might fit, but when I talk to my other party members I typically get "You were fine" or "Actually I liked it" much more often than getting told I'm going too far.

    Roleplaying can be like exercising muscles you never knew existed and social queues while Roleplaying are going to be different. Again, the answer to that is as simple as talking and seeing if you are all on the same page.

    If you want to see the video I was talking about, there is a link in my sig. Hope it helps.
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    Default Re: How to encourage more intra party interaction

    Play your game, as best you can, without being disruptive. Teach by example. If they want to, they may follow your example and open up.

    If they don't like that playstyle, they'll likely tell you so eventually. If that playstyle limitation chafes, find another group to satisfy that itch. Regardless, retain this one for scratching your goal-oriented alpha strike team itch, the valuable camraderie, and new circles of potential contacts.

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