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    Default Re: D&D 5e Subclass Contest Chat Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by MoleMage View Post
    More feedback!

    Spoiler: Circle of the Pocket Monster

    I've been a follower of the Pokemon games throughout, so this appeals to me on an additional basis.

    • Catching them All: Your first sentence needs a rewrite. It looks like you changed it halfway through but left half of the original sentence in there. I'm torn on the cost of materials portion of crafting the storage balls. On the one hand it means you don't have a hard limit on the number you can carry around with you, on the other 5e's wealth mechanics are a lot looser than previous editions (there are suggested wealth by level guidelines still but they are much less necessary to remain viable). I think it's low enough that you're probably okay, though early druids might be frustrated at the cost. I'm also not sure about the inclusion of aberrations and especially fey, as those creature types commonly have very powerful abilities that exceed their CR. 1/3rd level is probably fine though.
    • You're my Choice: Permadeath seems to be the most appropriate method for DnD. I'd limit it to one summoned at a time, but with only two wildshape uses it's probably okay.
    • Playing to Win: Basically Moon Druid healing but for your summons. Since the summon progression is based on Moon Druid's form progression this seems fitting.
    • Sacrificing for a Friend: I'd rather see the damage done in one big burst, if only because then instead of 1d8+CR, you could do CRd8 and I like dropping big handfuls of dice on the table. Addiing the extra resource to prevent just using this every turn seems about right.
    • Master Catcher: It seems like Catching them All already allowed the capture of unconscious-but-not-dead creatures (as they have fewer than 10 HP). You might want to clarify in Catching them All that unconscious creatures cannot be captured, if that was your intent (it would seem appropriate given the source).

    Honestly, this subclass ran the risk of being absurdly complicated, but you made it seem as simple as normal wild shape, which is noteworthy by itself. Looking forward to it with the flavor added.

    Thanks for the comments. I have tightened up some of the language and made some adjusts per your thoughts
    • Rewrote the first sentence, it was certainly a change in thought half way through.
    • I actually want to leave it fairly high in cost for low level druids. Having a bunch of options at extremely low level could be very overpowered. Once you get past the first tier it won't be an issue anymore
    • I was questioning abberations, monstrosities, and fey myself. I decided to ditch all three and make it beasts, constructs, plants, and elementals instead. Elementals are the only question from that list, I may drop them.
    • Added the limit, that was my intent but I just forgot it.
    • Made it burst damage CRd8 damage (min 1). Still a max use of 5 times per day and you loose you monster. Seemed okay in power for a 10th level ability.
    • You are exactly right here, I changed wording in Catching them all and this and added a little bit of flavor to Master Catcher.

    I've also filled in the flavour text and made one small addition to Catching them all, where each Druid gets one monster for free at level 2 as a started Pokem.... umm I mean pocket monster.

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