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    Default Ideas for a Fae-styled Haunting

    Hi everyone.

    Tonight I plan to run a single-session adventure based around a haunting of a modern location. My notes essentially spell out that the initial appearance of the haunting (traditional vengeful ghosts) are actually subject to an infestation of malevolent Fae creatures which are causing the issues. I've got a number of different critters, such as gremlins, bogles, and spriggans, but I'm trying to come up with Fae-specific haunt details. Currently, the only major visual change is that the location is surrounded by a thicket of brambles that reaches into the sky and forms a dome.

    Has anyone ever ran something similar to this or just have any ideas I might pilfer? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Ideas for a Fae-styled Haunting

    - The Fae are more mischievous than outright violent. They'll break your China and bend your spoons, but won't try to kill you or exact vengeance - they just want to have fun. Sure, sometimes their pranks are going to hurt you, but the Fae will laugh!
    - Instead of moans and shrieks, the residents of the house are kept awake by giggles and (suitably creepy) songs.
    - Animals, big and small, are drawn to the house. There are at least four concurrent infestations going on, the critters depending on the type of Fae.
    - Fae hate iron, as it is poisonous to them, so they'll stay away from it, but won't care about holy symbols getting waved around (unless they are made out of iron).
    - Peak moments of the hauntings are dawn and sunset. The night is relatively calm, while during the day you might get your hair pulled or find yourself sitting on eggs, or be tripped down the stairs and become target practice for stone-tossing.

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