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    Post Something happened last Friday I am pleased to say I liked

    So to set the scene over four Friday nights.

    Night one

    We had a player get hit with a spell. Blows save 3 intelligence wisdom charisma. End of game.

    Night two.

    I am not there early my 2nd in command pushes to start game early.

    Gnome cleric straight Nuetral. Starts to say player character is worthless we should kill him now. Always wants an evil game.

    Dwarf 5 charisma 8 intelligence (maybe 5) straight Nuetral along with a 1/2 orc (who has openly stated as a chaotic neutral he follows party leadership (new player 1 month)). Move into position to kill the PC he was at the table.

    Dwarf does the deed. 1/2 orc stands there 5 feet away does not assist or hinder.

    PC dead.

    Night three

    Paladin returns to group. Scans the party two turn up mildly evil. No choice but to play. He informs every one at the table of evil in party DM did not say peanlty yet for adventurering with them. Paladin has an 8 intelligence. Including me as party leader.

    Fight scene. 1/2 orc statue. Dwarf up. Paladin calling for help. Dwarf response go help. Looks good then informs group I went to help because it was the last target on the field.

    DM asks "you would not help a paladin calling for help normally? "

    Dwarf response "No"

    Night four

    I have to teleport back to town. 1/2 orc joins. Goes to a chaotic good priest and confesses. Ask for forgiveness and how to become a good person. Accepted spell for redemption (I forget the name right now)

    I am floored by the new 1/2 orc player. Great role play. Has anyone else ever been in a redemption arc before?

    Also thoughts on alignments and how do I make this work with a paladin.
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