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    Default Re: Avalon Academy OOC

    Okay, so just a couple of minor changes to Adrien:

    - First, dropping Well-Informed (I can't remember why he had it in the first place and knowing about people just through popular culture and stuff can be covered by his Eidetic Memory) and adding Immunity 1 (Own Powers) to Nothing's Real in Show Business.
    - Second, rewriting Shine the Spotlight slightly. It's currently using 19 of the 20 points available to it in the array, so removing the Concentration flaw and adding Quirk 1 [Illusion 'remembers' the rank it was created at and loses ranks if the power reduces in rank, but doesn't gain ranks if more ranks are added] and Quirk 1 [Each instance of an illusion linked to a Variable loses one rank at the beginning of Adrien's turn] brings it up to the full 20 points allowed.
    - Rewriting the Reaction of Magic Box's Teleport to trigger when the Deflect expires instead of at the start of the target's turn. This is just to avoid weirdness resulting from block initiative.
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    Default Re: Avalon Academy OOC

    Changes for Colin's Sheet
    Progress: Incorporated Dorni's changes about just describing the move progression.
    To-Do: Actually calculate ranks properly for this??????

    Colin's Swordsmanship:
    All of Colin's techniques with Fragarach come in one of three forms, a [Starter], a [Combo], or a [Finisher]. Each of them has a different requirements for activation.
    • [Starter]: Can only be used either on the first turn, or after using a [Finisher].
    • [Combo]: Can only be used after a [Starter]. (Pending Dodgeson's ruling, a [Combo] can also be used after another [Combo], but each [Combo] can only be used once in a given [Starter]>[Combo]>[Finisher] loop).
    • [Finisher]: Can only be used after a [Combo].

    This essentially gives Colin a pre-set method of fighting enemies: [Starter]>[Combo]>[Finisher] on repeat. If Dodgeson allows my amendment above, then [Starter]>[Combo]>[Combo]>[Finisher] is also an option

    Remove Favored Foe [Fomorians] and Accurate Attack


    Fragarach, the Answerer: 21-point array, Quick Change Feature (Summons/Dispels Fragarach as a Free Action) {27}
    • Scatter The Autumn Leaves: Incurable Damage 8, Linked Affliction 8 (Resisted by Fortitude; Hindered & Vulnerable; Disabled & Stunned; Incapacitated & Paralyzed); Accurate 4; Limit: [Starter]
    • Dreams of Iron: Incurable Ranged Damage 8, Linked Broad Effortless Nullify 8 (Nullifies Magic, Resisted by Will), Accurate 4; Limit: [Starter]
    • Tuatha Whirlwind Strike: Selective Burst Area Damage 8, Affects Insubstantial 2, Incurable, Dimensional 2 (Mythic Dimensions); Limit: [Combo]
    • Spear of Justice Ranged Incurable Damage 8 Linked Move Object, Accurate 4, Limit: [Combo]
    • Ultimate Rebuke: Incurable Damage, Resisted by Defense 8 Linked Broad Weaken Defenses (Resisted by Fortitude) 8, Accurate 4 ; Limit: [Finisher]
    • Searing Blade of Light: Multiattack Damage 8, Resisted by Defense, Accurate 4, Incurable; Limit: [Finisher]

    Airgetlam, the Silver Arm:
    Tuatha Grace: Regeneration 5, Platform Flight 4
    Call The Wind: Platform Flight 8, Subtle 1
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    Default Re: Avalon Academy OOC

    Made one little change to Kelly, modding Defensive Strike as follows:

    Defensive Strike: Strength Damage gains Linked Deflect 12 (Secondary Effect, Reduced Range [Close]).
    With Rainbow Rage: Deflect loses Secondary Effect, 8 ranks gain Burst Area and Selective, add Linked Enhanced Advantages 3 (Evasion 2, Instant Up; Burst Area, Selective, Affects Others, Reduced Duration [Concentration]).

    Since A) it was kinda silly to be burning the Area/Selective ranks when I'm the only party member who could benefit from the full Deflect rank and B) it was also kinda silly that it's easier for Kelly to defend everyone but her than to defend herself.
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    Default Re: Avalon Academy OOC

    Spoiler: Kelly
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