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    Default New Moderator Call For Applications

    We're looking to add a few new moderators to our team. For the first second time ever, we're going to take applications from interested Playgrounders. This is a purely volunteer position. Moderators can use their current user name or adopt a new mod user name to preserve their anonymity.

    We are looking for people who have: 1) some time each day, or at least most days, to devote to moderating the Playground; 2) a calm, professional demeanor; 3) a firm grasp of the Forum Rules; and 4) a passion for this place that will see you through the daily dose of hostility and rules violations you'll have to deal with. In particular, we are looking for people able and willing to enforce the current rules, not to try to change them. Experience running a Class VI mind control ray would be a plus.

    If you are interested, please send a PM to Forum Staff expressing your interest, willingness to do the work, and whatever else you think would help us in evaluating your candidacy.

    We do not have a specific timeline for accepting applications or making selections, so please bear with as we work through what we assume will be numerous applicants and clean up the mod break room for the new recruits.
    The above words represent the consensus of the entire Giant in the Playground staff, including the moderators, the webmaster, and Rich Burlew.

    (The PM box for this account is not regularly monitored; please direct any PMs to the forum staff to Roland St. Jude, the forum guru. Do send moderator applications to this account, though, as directed in the announcement thread. Thank you.)

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    Default Re: New Moderator Call For Applications

    How specific do I need to be to be accepted?

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    Default Re: New Moderator Call For Applications

    Quote Originally Posted by Syrakiin View Post
    How specific do I need to be to be accepted?
    Initially, not that specific. Just address the requested items. But obviously, like any application process, you want to catch the readers' attention and move them to consider you further.
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    Default Re: New Moderator Call For Applications

    Wait, what's this about mind coThere is no mind control, citizen. Go back to your fun.

    Glad to see the forum staff are keeping the meme alive too.

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