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Thread: Dark Tales IC

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    Blognaa is gonna look around to see if anyone reacted to Fenix revealing the group as guards.
    I dunno spot? (1d20)[13] +1

    "Big Tree"? Uh, I'll guess that means those shinies are worth more to agth than drunk dwarf dude? If honor is involved Blognaa say he brought it on himself. Buuuuuuuuut dwarf can't fight or choose words...fight happens, we might wanna break it up.
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    ha..was trying to figure out why blognaa said big tree ..bigotry i get it now ..

    " 2......3...and i wont kill them i like my business here" with a roar agth grabs a rolling pin from his apron and moves toward the group of nobles and guards while growing to double his size!
    ( uhh unless you feel the need to hop in the next couple of mins are spent with him bashing people over the head for non-lethal damage as a LARGE sized creature ..the guards are all actually inexperienced and quickly lose the will to fight)

    MEANWHILE when fenix mentioned being deputized Gorwin noticed that a few of the seeder looking guards and merchants who were toward the front door ( easy in easy out) give the trio a hard look over and mutter to each other before slipping out the door in the crowd.

    blognaa, more intrested in the fight than actually looking around but does manage to snag a bite of ham that comes flying by when the fight gets close to one of the tables! yay for food!

    once the commotion is died down obviously a couple of guards come through the door! ( damn guards never on time when you need them)
    " STOP ALL THIS RACKET BY ORDER OF THE GUARD!" yells a tall guard in the center of the group..

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    If gorwin mentions the shady guys, fenix suggests moving to follow

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